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The Kambrook Blitz2Go: A Kitchen Essential for Spring

I just found out this week that I’m going on a summer holiday. Naturally, the tailspin ensued starring the realisation that I’d not done enough exercise throughout winter and ate my way through at least 57,363 pizzas.

I also got my hands on the Blitz2Go blender from Kambrook, which was a bit serendipitous (the decor gods are once again answering my prayers) and have set about eating and drinking healthy in preparation for poolside photos! More on the stunning destination I’m headed to shortly.

Kambrook Blitz2Go Road Test

Kambrook Blitz2go Preparation

Of course, what I love most about the Blitz2Go, apart from the fact that – as you can see here – it’s got me on a stellar fruit and juice diet, is the ease of which you can use this bad boy.

You just fill the cup up with your fruit or veg of choice and then attach the blade holder. Put it straight onto the blender component and blitz away – it’s that easy!

The 300 watt motor whips the solids into a shake and within seconds you have a drink on-the-go. The same cup that sits on the blender is the one you drink from – you just attach a lid (which means minimal washing up and a good time saving idea, too).

You can also download shake and smoothie recipes, which is a nice added bonus!

Blitz2Go Kambrook Appliance Kambrook Blitz2Go After Kambrook Blitz2Go - The Life Creative

Of course, as with any appliance that comes into my house, I am ALL about how it looks as much as I am about how it operates. I must say that the Blitz2Go is a divine creature, sleek and slimline so as to not take up too much space, but with two cup sizes that allow for a regular drink or a heftier one.

The cup is not offensive either, which means you could confidently take it on the train, bus or sip on a smoothie in the car.

Now all I have to do is stick to this summer holiday diet and I’m set (pass me a Sauv Blanc and a cheese platter pronto!).

The Kambrook Blitz2Go retails for $49.95.
Click here for more details.

Are you a shake or smoothie drinker? I’d love to hear your thoughts or questions in the comments below!

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