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Breville Microwave Quick Touch Crisp TLC Interiors

Breville Wages War on Soggy Food with new Microwave Release

Truth be told, a microwave is not the most sought-after piece for the home. It might not get the heart racing like a new cushion or candle does, but it is a key item in terms of its day-to-day functionality.

Breville Microwave Quick Touch Crisp TLC Interiors

The difference between a bad microwave and a good one is often hard to spot at first glance. It’s usually not until we get one home and pop in a pie (don’t pretend we don’t love a pie with tommy sauce!) that we begin to see just what makes a disappointing microwave so bad; soggy pastry, anyone?

I got my hands on the new Quick Touch Crisp Breville Microwave recently so I thought I’d give you the lowdown on what makes it so special. I actually have a dodgy old microwave at home (this newbie is at the office), so I’m definitely well-placed to tell you about the difference a good micro can make to your daily routine.

What makes the Quick Touch Crisp Microwave so Good

Breville Quick Touch Crisp Microwaves Review TLC Interiors

Firstly, we have to discuss how it looks. I know, we shouldn’t think of form before function with an appliance, but let’s be honest; it’s gotta look nice! Thankfully, this Breville Microwaves does.

It’s sleek, silver and a little bit sexy – with an LCD screen to make reading the timer super simple. It actually won a Good Design Award this year, which just goes to show how divine it really looks.

In terms of use, it couldn’t be simpler. The buttons are large, there’s quick-heat modes so you can zap leftovers in a flash, and the best part: a crisper pan, which sits inside the microwave and delivers crispy food with added flavour and texture.

It also has a Smart Cook & Grill setting which allows you to toast stuff like nuts and sandwiches, dry herbs, roast veges and more.

Plus, there’s even settings for pizza, baked potato and grilled cheese, making it a bit of an all-in-one kitchen essential.

I have to say, I’m super impressed with this microwave. Like I said initially, we don’t tend to swoon over appliances like a lot of other pieces we put in our homes, but they make such a difference to how we live and eat and enjoy our food. This one is a winner and I couldn’t recommend it more.

Want to find out more about Breville Microwave releases?
Simply click here to explore the range.


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