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The S Collection - SAW Interiors

It all Started with a Candle Making Kit…

It was November 2013 when I first laid nostril on SAW Interiors Candles. The gorgeous lady behind the Aussie brand, Stacey Wellington, had sent me a sample to try and since then the brand has gone gangbusters. This post is so much more than a candle making story, though; it’s a look at what happens when you choose to follow your creative dreams. Cue the inspirational music!

SAW Interiors

Above was one of the first batch of candles Stacey had made and the one that landed in my PO Box last year. Sparking Papaya was its name (it featured in my Creative Finds post) and I still have it in my bathroom now. 

You know I’m a bit of a fiend for candle making, but what made these ones so special was the ethical element of the candle production itself – especially the wax – which Stacey told me was important to her.

“It’s 100% vegetable, made with pure soybean oil, not tested on animals, free of palm wax and pesticides,” she explained. “It is 100% natural and it gives me a perfect result”.

Below you’ll see what a difference a few months make when you’re a small business that has its finger on the pulse. The S Collection is Stacey’s latest offering, and with the help of graphic designer Jasmine Dowling, a new-look label was created and the brand became instantly more on-trend (seriously, how dreamy do they look?!).

Saw interiors candles Saw Interiors Candles - S Collection

In recent months, the S Collection has not only appeared on The Life Creative, but in Adore Home and a slew of other media publications – and is now stocked both online and in stores across the country.

I love the journey that this local brand has gone on, and it just goes to show that sticking with a dream, seeing it through and never being afraid to adapt and try new things can result in a product that’s both feel-good and fabulous.

Stacey told me when I first interviewed her that the candle making kit she was given as a gift sat in a box for months after she first purchased it. She finally gave candle making a crack a short while later and has not looked back.

So, dear Creatives, I implore you to get crafting, creating, making and moulding if there’s an endeavour you’d like to explore or are putting off trying. You just never know what profession could come from tapping into your passion – or what doors it may unlock for you!

Love Candle Making? Click Here to check out my easy tutorial!

Saw Candles

Photos in this post come courtesy of the SAW Interiors Facebook page.


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