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Urban Road Canvas

Check out Urban Road’s 2014 Spring Summer Collection

In what has to be the biggest first world problem of all time, I can’t decide which pieces from Urban Road’s 2014 Spring/Summer collection are my favourite. I have two spots at home that I need to fill with art – in my bedroom and in my living room – and I’m facing the divine yet difficult task of choosing which ones I want to lock in. Help? I’ve narrowed it down to five options and need your assistance to pick the best ones!

Urban Road Canvas Art - Urban Tears

Above: Monsoon Tears is possibly the front runner, because it encompasses my fave colour story of deep blues and greens with hints of turquoise and teal. My living room is currently working these tones so I think it might be wise to go with this bad boy and bring in cushions featuring complimentary colours.

Below: Pacific Dreaming channels an underwater scene and I see hints of my beloved street art style creeping in here. Love the white, chalk-like elements in this one and the nod to coral and jellyfish is divine too. It’s not as soft as Monsoon Tears is, but it would rock the wall of my bedroom for sure.

Urban Road Canvas Art - Pacific Dreaming Urban Road Canvas Art - Little Hartley

Above: See, then there’s this one, Little Hartley, which includes polka dots. If you’re a long-time reader of the blog then you know I go mad for polka dots. This canvas art is very fun and whimsical, which again is my aesthetic to a tee. This is another one that would work in my bedroom, especially since the makeover took place.

Below: The name alone, Sweet Peach, makes me want this piece and I don’t even have any peach tones in my space. When I put the call out on Instagram a few weeks back and asked you to recommend cushions colours for my couch, a lot of you suggested coral and peach tones, so perhaps it’s time to go down that route with this gorgeous number!

Urban Road Canvas Art - Sweet Peach Urban Road Canvas Art - Tropical Rush

Above: Tropical Rush is also calling my name, because if it’s one thing I’m going bananas over at the moment, it’s that vibrant yellow-green colourway that’s all over interiors right now. Teamed with some pops of white and deep blues, this one would make for a dreamy summer scene indeed.

The good news for those of you who’re after some art is that these are only some of the options available. The Urban Road website has many more pieces from the 2014 Spring/Summer collection, though these five are my favourite. I’m a sucker for abstract art, so the bold colours yet subtle shapes and patterns here are making me swoon!

The canvases are stretched over a timber frame, come in multiple sizes and many can be made in both portrait and landscape.

What two do you think I should get? I need your help with this first world problem!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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6 Responses

  1. Tropical Rush is my top pick, the colours are to die for – but on another note, those cushions with the palm trees and blue buildings are amazing! Can you please tell me where they are from, I have a slight cushion obsession x

  2. hmmmm now that is a nice dilemma to have to be in Chris…I too am voting for Monsoon Tears (OMG it is DIVINE) and Tropical Rush (cannot get past the colours especially with your display items on show)..now you should just sit back and enjoy them both (with a glass on wine in hand I think – it is Friday afternoon after all) x

  3. Monsoon Tears and Tropical Rush for sure! The others are great but caused me a spec or irritation, like to busy to just calm down and enjoy. These two are tranquil and fabulous colors to entertain the brain!

    1. Thanks for your suggestions Morticia – I too am most smitten with Monsoon Tears and Tropical Rush. It’s so hard to lock in just two though haha – they’re all so divine!

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