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Clickon Furniture Winter 2015 - Side Board and Art

Clickon Furniture’s Winter Range is a Wonderfully Subdued Scenario

Clickon Furniture Winter 2015 - Side Board and Art

I’m not always right.

But when I am, it’s a delicious moment indeed. Recently I posted on Autumn Winter decorating trends for 2015, naming neutrals as the go-to shades for the colder months and suggesting pattern and texture as your best friends as the chill sets in.

When these delightful snaps hit my inbox – of Clickon Furniture’s brand new collection – it was a subdued moment that tied perfectly into my forecast for the months ahead. Not that they’re going entirely neutral, of course (you’ll see what I mean), but the base pieces in Clickon’s range are all gorgeously subdued in hue, allowing a few zesty tones to pop up in smaller accessories and art.

We’re clearly not in cahoots or anything, but it does feel like they’re playing right into my style preferences at the moment. If only my partner would let me buy more stuff for the house! Oh – and credit where credit’s due: These guys are doing wonderful things with buffets at the mo’. I think they’re the standouts from the range.

Now let’s drool over some dreamy design, shall we?

Clickon Furniture Winter 2015 - Armchair and Sideboard

Above: The Nordic Peacock Buffet is my favourite moment. It’s $1995. Who wants to buy it for me? I’ve never been one for an animal print but this bad boy is calling my name. With global and tribal interior trends really popular at the moment, this is a statement piece that will not only play into that, but stand the test of time even after those trends fade away. And look at those gold legs! There’s nothing I’m not loving about this scene.

Below: The Prudence Caroline prints certainly stand out against a more subdued colour palette, which is something I’m really into at the moment. I love the wood grain in the Etnicraft Oak Bed, too. Not that I’m moving away from my one true love (I currently own the Incy Interiors Eden bed) but I could get a wandering eye for this oak number. It’s just sublime. Perhaps it needs to go in a guest bedroom or something. Now, I just need to find a guest bedroom!

Clickon Furniture Winter 2015 - Bedroom

Clickon Furniture Winter 2015 Range Clickon Furniture Dining Room Furniture Winter 2015

There’s a lot to take in above, isn’t there? It took me a while to realise that the stunning Mr Marius dining table has a little storage drawer. You could almost scrape unwanted food in there if your partner wasn’t too good at cooking! I’m also particularly fond of the Rodeo Side Table on the left there. It gives a little nod to an industrial aesthetic but the top – in a divine European marble finish – takes it to the next level and gives it a balanced and luxurious feel.

I’m also really digging the configuration of the seating around the table, with three chairs on one side and a long bench on the other. This would be an ideal solution for a smaller room where space was tight. It gives the whole seen a more relaxed feel too.

All of the pieces you see here can be found on the Clickon Furniture website.

>>> What are your fave pieces from this subdued and stylish selection? I’d love to know what you’re going mad over. Drop me a comment below and gimme the lowdown 😉


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