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Colour is King in I Love Linen’s New Bedding Collection

Got a soft spot for colourful bedding that just won’t quit? You’re in good company! Hold on tight as we explore the phenomenal new bedding collection from I Love Linen.

Nothing excites me more as the weather heats up than giving the bedroom a good makeover. And when it comes to a revamp that really packs a punch, you can’t go past new bedding.

Bedding takes up so much visual real estate in a room, so it’s a key element in determining how the whole space feels. And the good news: in terms of transforming your space, bedding is easier than painting and cheaper than new art!

You’d be mad not to give your bedscape a spruce-up as we go into summer, and I Love Linen has just the pieces to help you do it.







I Loven Linen’s new Spring Summer Collection

The gorgeous new collection from I Love Linen is strongly focussed around hand dyed and hand stitched coverlets. Taking several days to complete, each design comes in a limited batch of 20 pieces. This not only makes the bedding feel unique and special, but the fact that they’re handmade totally turns up the feel-good factor too.

As you can see here, it’s not all coverlets though. The SS16 collection also includes pure linens, duck down filled cushions, sumptuous floor cushions, as well as a new range of hand screen printed pillow cases and cushions.

It’s quite a well-rounded collection that’s packed with colour, but with enough tonal range that lovers of subdued spaces will also discover some pieces for their bed.


Colourful Indian Inspiration

The bright and bold hues in this range were inspired by time spent in India, so the talented creative behind the brand, Lauren Roe, explains.

“I spent a portion of my time in Jaipur, and the city in general is a colour assault (in a good way) on the eyes,” Lauren tells me. “I went to meet a group of artisans who specialise in hand stitched and hand dyed fabrics. So the Spring Summer range is a focus on these lighter weight, handmade quilts”.

The inspiration here has paid off. I’m so smitten with the hues in this collection, aren’t you? They’re bright and fun, but they still feel grounded and mature. It’s a divine design moment if I ever saw one. And on a sidenote: Get a load of those sublime pom poms! I want the entire collection immediately if not sooner.

To explore the stunning new range from I Love Linen further, click here.

What are you loving from this collection? I’d love to hear your top picks in the comments below.

Imagery here via the talented Lauren Bamford and Stephanie Stematis.

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