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Grey Concrete Skull Lamp

Concrete Skull Lamps: Stylish and Spooky Decor Gems!

I love a bit of quirk when it comes to the decor pieces I have in my home. So when I laid eyes upon these concrete skull lamps, it only made sense that I first have heart palpitations over them and then share them with you – along with the story of how they’re made by designer Jesse Ferrino.

Grey Concrete Skull Lamp Red Concrete Skull Lamps

“My grandfather and father are both stone masons from Philadelphia,” says designer Jesse Ferrino, when asked how the idea for this concrete skull lamps first came to be. “I grew up on the job site learning the trade. I made tons of batches of concrete and was always fascinated with the material”.

Years later, when as assignment for Jesse’s industrial design degree came along, the US-based designer knew he wanted to work with concrete again – and found a sponsor who was eager to see his project come to fruition.

“I spent two weeks in Germany working with Gtecz to learn as much as possible about the mixture and moulding of concrete,” Jesse explains. “Nine months of work and hours of Skype calls to Germany later I launched the Apollo concept – an outdoor wood burning fireplace moulded out of a heat resistant mixture of UHPC (ultra high performance concrete)”.

Cement Skull Lamps Concrete Skull Lamp

It was this outdoor fireplace that spawned the idea for the concrete skull lamps Jesse makes today. They’re total stunners in my eyes and make for a real talking piece for any room – meshing an industrial aesthetic with the left-of-centre vibe I’m so very drawn to. It also comes with a dimmer switch, which is a nifty inclusion you can use to set the mood. 

The prototype was first put on Etsy and Instagram to gauge interest and has only recently developed into a final version you see here today, called the Sküll

“A little bit inspired from my time in Germany,” Jesse says of the lamps name. 

Click here to check out more of the Sküll on Etsy. I can’t get enough of these pieces and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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