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Cotton on Kids Triangle Pillowcas - Orange

Cotton on Kids: Decor You’ll Want for your own Room

Last week I had the pleasure of jetting down to Melbourne to take in the wonder of the Cotton On Group Christmas preview. As the mother biz of Cotton On, Cotton on Kids, Typo and more, the company hosted an extravaganza of decor goodness. It would be criminal of me not to show you the best bits from Cotton On Kids. And trust me, adults, when I say that you’ll want this stuff for your own space!

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Cotton On Kids Bedding
This season, the team from Cotton On Kids have a load of goodies for both boys and girls. From a more pared-back monochromatic look in some pieces to tropical summer fruits, the range offers a bit of something for everyone. There are also some very dapper nautical-inspired pieces that had me wishing I was a kid again (or that they made the bedding in queen size).

Cushions and pillows are also abundant in the new range, which totally surprised me as I’d never considered Cotton On Kids a place to go to nab decor goodies like this. Watermelons were prominent when it came to their soft furnishings, while foxes and tonnes of geometric shapes were also on offer (the polka dots and triangle patterns are all sorts of amazing).

Check out the gallery below to get a peek into the new range!

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Lovers of Typo, fear not. That was the first area I went to when I hit the event and there are some stunning new things coming your wall from The Hall. More on all that soon on the blog, so stay tuned!

Cotton On Kids


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  • I’m not buying it for the kids, I’m buying it for me!! Love it all Chris, thx for sharing xo

    3 September, 2014
  • Kristy


    When is this needing available at cotton on?

    26 October, 2014
    • Kristy


      Oops, I meant bedding! Sheesh!!

      26 October, 2014

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