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Finn Entertainment Unit from Globewest against dark green feature wall

This Weeks Top Design and Decor Finds, May 12

This week’s design and decor discoveries are some of my best yet. I truly love my job sometimes. A few of the images in this week’s post made me gasp a little when I saw them. That’s when you know you’ve come across some really killer interiors buys; when they make you gasp with shock and awe. I know that sounds crazy. But I’ve always been a little cuckoo when it comes to decor.

Here’s my top 7 design drops and decor finds of the week, and why they’re so amazing. Enjoy!

This Weeks Top Design and Decor Finds, May 12

Finn Entertainment Unit from globewest against emerald green feature wall

1. The Fin Entertainment Unit

Call a medic. My heart is racing at unprecedented speed! How freakin’ gorgeous is the Fin Entertainment Unit above from Globewest? Now, I’m not taking anything away from the unit itself in saying this, but doesn’t that green feature wall behind it do a lot of the work in making this space feel so spectacular?

If you’re after paint ideas like the one above, the fresh paint tips in this post have you covered.


2. The Soderhamn Sofa

Thankfully, IKEA have released a product name I can confidently pronounce. And what a release it is. I hadn’t seen this sofa in any of their recent press releases (I discovered it on their website this week), so it might be an oldie. But boy is it a stunner. Do any of you have it? I’d love to know what you think of it.

See all the colour options for the Soderhamn here.

jute macrame wall hanging on white wall with green leaves

3. Jute Macrame Magic

I’m still just as smitten with wall hangings like the one above as I was when I first laid eyes on them a few years back. This beauty is from Mint Interior Design and it’s a surefire way to add a little boho magic to your walls. And what a nice alternative it is to a painting or photo, don’t you think?

maggi mcdonald winter garden abstract artwork

4. Bright and Bold Abstract Art

I’m a sucker for abstract art – and often the more colourful it is, the better! I recently showcased 13 unbeatable Aussie abstract artists on the blog (see them here), and the amazing Maggi McDonald was one of them. This is her work, called Winter Garden, and you can see more of it here. Aint it a beauty!?

moss and salt pink salt and pepper shakers with speckled bowls and trays

5. Chic Shakers

Everyone needs some chic salt and pepper shakers in their life. Sadly, I have plastic salt and pepper containers purchased from Aldi, so I really need to up my own style game! I love the pop of pink these two shakers feature, and paired with the rest of the pieces above, they look super chic. See more here.

chee stool in green by spot designer stools

6. Dapper Designer Stools

How hard is it to find a nice stool? One that doesn’t take up too much visual (or physical) space, but one that still feels sturdy too. It’s not an easy road to navigate, but this gorgeous green Chee stool by Tom Fereday make the hunt a lot easier. See more of it and others from SP01 Design here.

pineapple mirror pear mirror and apple mirror hanging on white wall

7. Brass Fruit Mirrors

This is one of the photos I gasped over when I laid eyes on it, and with good reason I reckon. A pineapple mirror with brass trim; is there anything better? No. The answer is no. I’m a bit beside myself over how cool these mirrors are, and they’ve gone straight onto my wish list. See more of them here.

What design and decor discoveries have you come across this week. Let me know what you’ve purchased in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

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