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Assorted Ceramic Bottles by Love Hate

Loving: Designer Ceramics your Home Needs to Have!

There’s something about making ceramics that’s always interested me – and it has nothing to do with that scene from Ghost! For me, I adore the whole concept of getting stuck into something, getting your hands dirty and creating a work of art to call your own.

Geneine Honey from local brand LoveHate must feel the same way – except she’s talented enough to produce real pieces that an audience wants to consume. Which brings me to the point of today’s post; showing you her amazing designer ceramics and telling the story of how it all came to be!

handmade Ceramic Plant pot by Love Hate Ceramic Planters by Love Hate

“I usually go over to visit the manufacturer with a sketch book full of drawings,” Geneine explains to me, of the creative process involved in making some of her pieces. “Then we sit in the workshop with lumps of clay and hand-build the samples together”.

This talented creative is speaking of Indonesia. It’s where many of her ceramic products are made and it’s a very collaborative design process that Geneine admits is very hands-on.

“My favourite part of the whole process is those days spent nutting out the drawings as 3D objects”.

LoveHate also produces some gorgeous jewellery – made all over the world, plus clothing – produced locally. But it’s the stunning pots, vessels and vases that are taking my fancy, especially the metallic and white bottles, which almost feels a little retro or Jonathan Adler in places.

Though Geneine explains that her inspiration comes from other influences.

Handmade Ceramics by Love Hate Assorted Ceramic Bottles by Love Hate

“I love the bottles! Some of them are actually cast off vintage bottles that I had found over the years and the baby one is based on the shape of a sea anemone. I have always been in love with small objects/ornaments. I think they work well around the house in little clusters, punctuating space and adding a focal point to a hall table, for instance”.

Having studied fine art painting and sculpture, Geneine’s foray into making ceramics was almost accidental if not unexpected.

“I actually started making ceramics because I made a bunch of 3D paper gem shapes as a prop for some photographs; looking at them… I thought they would make great planters, so I began turning paper sculptures into ceramic objects”.

Metallic Vessels by Love Hate

Click here to hit the LoveHate website and explore the range or designer ceramics, clothing and jewellery further. 

Prices in the online store start from $19.95 and I can’t get enough of them. I have to agree with Geneine, too; these really do work well when clustered together to create a focal point. The tones are also quite similar, so you can mix and match the colours to create some real wow factor.

Which is your fave piece here? For me, it’s the gold bottles above! Drop me a comment below and lemme know what’s making you weak at the knees 🙂

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  • Natasha

    Gold bottles and that stunning white ceramic succulent pot – so cute!

  • Rhonda Lockery

    Love these bottles and the pots


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