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Designer Pendant Lights - Coco Reynolds Marz Designs

Designer Pendant Lights from Aussie Coco Reynolds

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of attending Temple & Webster’s Emerging Designer Awards showcase, which featured a slew of amazing creatives and their work. The talented Coco Reynolds took home the People’s Choice Awards for her Bright Beads Pendant Lights – and I spoke with her about the win and a whole lot more. Below is my interview with this lovely local lady and a look at some of her amazing designer pendant lights.

Coco Reynolds_Designer

You just won the People’s Choice Award in T&W Emerging Designer Awards. How does it feel?

“It’s very encouraging to have won the People’s Choice Award. I feel incredibly humbled to be selected amongst such a pool of talent by the general public. A huge thanks to Temple & Webster for putting on such a fantastic award, which provides young design companies the opportunity to gain further exposure, connect with other designers and spark conversation with fellow industry people”.

Collection of Designer Pendant Lights by Coco Reynolds

How did the concept for Bright Beads come together?

“I was very fortunate work with How We Create and Evostyle to develop the Bright Beads for Saturday InDesign a couple of years ago. It was such a fun project and a definite turning point for me in my career, I think it was this moment that cemented my love for design and the process that goes with it. The Bright Bead pendant lights were made on the day, using a lathe so everyone could witness first hand the process in which they’re made, to demonstrate the relationship between designer and manufacturer. It’s not often that a person gets the opportunity to see how a product is made and watch the hands of an artisan in action”.

Designer Pendant Lights by Coco Reynolds


They’re made from certified timbers. Is this an important aspect to you?

“Yes, I try to where possible consider the most sustainable option when it comes to materials or manufacturing processes. I think as a designer you have an obligation to design responsibly and using certified timbers has a positive impact on deforestation and promotes the implementation of long-term forestry planning. I think timber will always be my material of choice, it’s beautiful to work with, it’s natural, renewable, readily available and offers a variety of colours and patterns”. 

What interiors setting do you see the beads coming to life in?

“I think the Bright Beads lend themselves to most spaces and would sit just as comfortably in a contemporary home as they would a traditional setting. Natural materials such as the timber used in the turned beads which form the basis of the pendants, is very versatile and timber is a remarkable platform for linking traditional styles with modern approaches”.

Coco Reynolds Designer Pendant Lights

You’ve worked on many other breathtaking projects. Which is your fave?

“Thank you! A couple of years ago, I designed a small desk fan made completely from American Walnut. I really enjoy reconfiguring the conventional and making something utilitarian beautiful through good design and the unexpected use of materials, so this was a really fun project for me”.

What are you loving about these pendant lights? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below 🙂


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