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Colourful Bedding by Squeak Design on The Life Creative

Win a $250 Etsy Gift Card to Make Your House a Home

Want to make your house a home? It’s such a cliche, right? But there are some real ways to achieve soul and style when it comes to decorating your abode.

And today’s post has a bonus giveaway thrown in for good measure: a divine Etsy gift card!

24 things that make a house a home Scarves by Squeak Design

How to Make your House a Home

The idea of this blog post on how to inject heart and soul into your home came from a TLC reader (as many of my posts do). Natalie wrote me on Facebook asking for some advice on how to inject some unique personality into her recently-build project home.

You can drop me a line here if you have a decorating question you’d like me to answer on the blog, or simply leave a comment at the end of this post.

Natalie writes:
“I was wondering whether you have written anything on styling a boring house and land package home so that it doesn’t look look like one of the village display home. I love Scandinavian style interior decor and have no idea how to get inspiration for this in a Legoland home”.

This is such a valid question, Natalie, and one I’m sure a lot of people ponder when they’re in a new home.

In fact, I reckon those of us who have been in our home a while still wonder how to give the rooms in our home that wonderfully homely feel. So I’m going to give you some ideas below.

And my dear friends at Etsy are giving away a $250 Etsy gift card for good measure. I asked them to come to the party because I truly believe the unique pieces you can find on Etsy are the very things that make a home feel special.

handmade ceramics from Etsy on The Life Creative

Handmade Ceramics

There’s something so beautiful about handmade ceramics. Whether they feature text, pattern or just a tonne of quirk, they’re infused with heart and are first on my list of things that make a heart a home. Aren’t they adorable? Which is your fave?

Clockwise from top left:
Everything is going to be OK dish
Handmade heart ceramic ring dish set
Hand-painted plate by Vanessa Bean
Handmade ceramic planter in mint

australian made cushions from Etsy on The Life Creative

Quirky Cushions

Now, you know I love cushions; never met one that I didn’t like! So it goes without saying that I think cushions – especially those with a sense of fun and whimsy – really make a house feel like a home. Opt for a slogan or just go for ones made/designed locally. They all have feel-good factor.

Clockwise from top left:
Sunshine organic hand-printed cushion
Adrian cushion cover in teal
Babylon abstract cushion cover
Bohemian floor cushion cover

mid century sofa armchair and telephone from Etsy

Mid-Century Moments

It’s gotta be my fave interior design scheme of all time, and I reckon that including some mid-Century moments in your home is a sure-fire way to give it a sense of history, nostalgia and visual interest. I love the larger furniture pieces, but even a Carrie Bradshaw-inspired vintage phone would work wonders!

Clockwise from top left:
Fler Featherstone vintage couch
Bakelite rotary telephone

Jacob mid-Century chair, linen cushion

brass decor from Etsy on The Life Creative

A Bit of Brass

Similarly to mid-Century moments, I love the visual story and sense of history that a brass piece – especially an older one – can bring to an interior. You don’t even have to go large-scale with brass, either. Because the brass trend is so big right now in homewares, you can easily find smaller items and they’ll still give you wow-factor.

Clockwise from top left:
Handcrafted brass ant sculpture
Vintage brass apple bell
Mid-Century modern solid brass lamp
Horse head book ends

unique wall hangings from Etsy on The Life Creative

Unique Wall Hangings

Sure, art is lovely, and there are a million places you can get the mainstream stuff. But if you want to find unique wall hangings that give your walls a point of interest, you can’t go past finds like these. That planter is giving me heart palpitations for all the right reasons; so amazing!

Clockwise from top left:
Woven wall hanging in blush pink
Solid brass floral plate wall hanging
Origami wall planter
Macrame wall hanging
Cow skull wall hanging

cat mug and handmade decor from Etsy on The Life Creative

Finishing Touches

Every home needs the quirk-factor turned up a notch, even if it’s just in one room or a few small pockets around the house. Finishing touches like lamps, mugs, sculptures and crafty moments are the easiest way to bring a smile to your dial on a daily basis. My fave is the cat mug (you know I’m a crazy cat man, right?)

Clockwise from top left:
Bear geometric sculpture in soft pink
Funny cat mug
Vintage collection hand-knitted cactus
Nature-inspired organic shaped candle holder

I hope the above products have given you some ideas on how you can make a house a home. Why not enter the comp below to win an Etsy gift card, which I’m sure will help 😉


** Please note that this competition has now closed. The winner was Melissa Dewick **

To go in the draw to win a $250 Etsy gift card, simply:

Drop a comment below telling me which pocket of your home needs some Etsy love.

Comp open to Aus residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm Tuesday May 31

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

Comments (40)

  • Beth Webb

    My tiny study space is devoid of personality. Multifunctional, it’s used as a drop zone for mail and to-do lists, is home to my laptop, camera and a small community of electronic chargers, and (all too rarely) gets stripped off of all that to become my watercolour studio.
    Perhaps if it were a more beautiful space to engage with I’d prioratise painting more…

  • Penny White

    Omg (do people still say this) Chris, I’ve had this dilemma for over 18months. The best ever purchase of my life $99 for a brand new gorgeous black velvet buttoned (tufted) headboard, very high, extremely heavy. I love it soo much but to style it & my bedroom has presented me with some major issues. How do I style my bed now. This gorgeous huge bedhead requires something dramatic, don’t you think Chris?

  • veraneeka

    The babys room its a spare room but has all mine and husbands things in it, does not look like a baby room, needs some tender love and care

  • Sharyn W

    our newly built loungeroom as it currently has some old furniture in it and seems really bare – so some new etsy loving will bring it alive and give it some gorgeous homeware flair 🙂

  • Thank you so much for featuring my blush pink woven wall hanging! What a treat to see it amongst all these other beautiful things 🙂

  • My guest bedroom is in desperate need of some Etsy love! I’m unsure how to decorate it to suit my friends and family who stay over and would love some homewares from Etsy to add that warm and inviting feeling that a guest bedroom should have 🙂

  • Caro Jenkins

    My lounge room is looking very tired and worn, needing some bright and colourful accessories

  • Kelly Moran

    My small studio apartment is in desperate need of some unique and colourful accessories to add to the character of the space!!

  • Natasha Andrews

    Wow – so many cute and quirky finds – I can see that etsy might work well for me for adding colour the way I know how to from your other post. Have added 4 new shops to my favourites list! The room I still need to get right is my loungeroom we have new neutral chairs and are getting a nice neutral couch I think I’m going to need some fabulous cushions to make it more unique and personal.

  • Kristian

    Living in a dumpy rental that I share with 2 others, I don’t even know where to begin. Trying to make design choices that look good on a budget is a challenge. But I guess the spot that would need the most amount of work in my place would be the living room. The room is bright and the furniture looks great, but it needs some fine tuning to make it great common space for all of us.

  • I would love to freshen up my living space with a new rug and some new bright and colourful pillows. And leading up to winter I’d love to get a plush warm throw for the couch.

  • Our lounge room definitely needs some love, with 5 people in a rented house we need something to represent all of us to decorate with while not changing permanent things because it’s a rental! Etsy’s perfect for finding unique pieces that make a house feel like home.

  • My bedroom needs some major attention! I have one dream catcher on the wall and the rest is blank. I need a beautiful colourful print above our bed and some other bedside accessories! Etsy is one of my fave websites!!

  • Charmaine Campbell

    My lounge/dining room needs attention STAT! We sold our dining table and chairs because they were rarely used and to free up space, but since then the dining room has become a dumping ground for junk. It’s needs a make-over and some personality!

  • Bec

    We moved about a year ago and my parents bedroom still looks the way it did the day we moved in. They’ve done such a fantastic job putting all their effort in to getting the rest of the house and the yard right but have only gotten as far as putting up a tv and putting in some chest of drawers for themselves.

  • Kirsty

    There are many pockets that need some loving but the walls throughout my home are something I have really neglected – they’re white and bare!
    I’d love to add some Inspirational Wall Decals/Artwork. After all words can inspire you live and work towards a dream, they can pep you up when you are feeling down and they are also a great reflection of ones personality. Empowering wording on my walls is just the thing I need.

  • Danielle M.

    My master bedroom need some Etsy love! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  • Paula H

    My ensuite is desperately needing some love…..after I left my hair straightener on and it went up in flames. By the way, buff firemen only appear in calendars. I think I need some inspiring words of wisdom on the wall, such as “Did you turn it off, dumb dumb?”


    My spare room! It has great bones with a lovely out look, architectural features and abundant light. This room which was supposed to be a guest room has become the dumping ground with some inherited finds I cannot part with. It would be so fab to Etsy it up with some unique artisan finds and it will be a great excuse to declutter and finally have some friends or family stay in a beautiful guest room!

  • Clare

    Oh gosh our bedroom is pretty bare in terms of love. I haven’t been able to find too many unique pieces that I’d actually like to wake up to! I’m sure I’ll get lost in the amazing rabbithole that is Etsy, but bring it on – I’m ready!

  • Gayle Vos

    My loungeroom is in need of some Etsy love, it is very outdated

  • It’s mischief and mayhem in our household most days…some etsy love would provide some much needed cohesiveness to the chaos of our loungeroom.

  • Gayle Bull

    Every room in my home needs an extra little touch from Etsy … and what fun I would have selecting and styling it all up!

  • I have an empty courtyard! well just a grotty old water bowl for the dog in a corner. It’s dire. Its a beautiful space hedged in clipped buxus but as a renter I didn’t have any outdoor items, not a skerrick to fill it. I would love to sit out there in the sun with my cup of coffee…or glass of wino, platter of cheese! Would need chair and a table for that but I think Etsy could help with some beautiful planters, some whimsy for the tree branches or what about some fun personalised dog bowls!

  • Every pocket of my home needs some Etsy love, and whose home doesn’t? There are some many funky gorgeous things turn your house into a beautiful home!

  • My front porch is an eyesore, because it’s so drab and uninviting it has become a place to chuck stuff. I could really use some bright and quirky accessories to dress the space and turn it from a place we walk through into a place where we actually want to spend some time. We’re a quirky family and we deserve a quirky place to hang out.

  • Kathleen

    My bathroom needs help! The rest of my home is infused with antique treasures and quirky knick-knacks (a few from Etsy, of course)! but I’m at a loss in this space. It needs trendy towels; a serene artwork; and a couple of pretty but functional ceramic pieces to help it along.

  • My small one bed apartment is my haven – and while most of the love goes into the living spaces that people will see, my bedroom is a little neglected. I’d love to add some amazing touches from Etsy makers and creators that will make it feel more like a my own sanctuary and not just a place to hide all my dirty washing!!

  • thank you so much for featuring our porcelain “everything is going to be ok.” dish!

  • My nursery is quite bare,
    Baby on the way Id love to snare
    An Etsy giftcard to surprise
    my self and hubby with this prize.
    All set up with colours and gifts,
    Etsy ideas will make it spif!!

  • My bathroom would love some Etsy TLC. Its boring and definitely needs some life 😀

  • I would love my bedroom to go from boring to dreamy. Etsy have an excellent variety to add some spice and liven up the mood 😀

  • Having just moved into my new home, Etsy would definitely make it cosy and complete the look! I love the vibrant colours and unique styles offered.

  • My reading nook needs to be updated. Love a chair , bright cushions and nic nacs to make it cosy.

  • Spicing up my sunroom would be wonderful!! Etsy have a beautiful range that would make it more lively!!

  • Great styles and ideas on Etsy! Making my entrance to my home inviting. A little table to decorate and pictures would be very nice.

  • libbyb54

    My newly ordered caravan will be a blank canvas ready for some Etsy effect. It needs everything and I would like it o be beautiful in its own right, not ladened with hand-me-downs from the non-mobile home.

  • Benjamin T

    My bedroom, which is not only the size of a pocket, but as empty too.

  • Cath

    My bedroom! I always keep the door closed when I have visitors as its so lacking in style!

  • Lauren

    My daughter would love a funky new look to her bedroom. She will be two in a few months and id love to give her a little space of her own. She still has a throw together baby nursery with bits and bobs handed down from friends but is really starting to get a personality and style of her own and would love to express herself in her new sanctury.


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