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black and green figure vase face decor face vases on sideboard

The New Faces Decor Trend: Shop the Look

I do love a trend, and I’ve gotta say that the faces artwork and decor fad that’s dominating interiors at the moment is a favourite. It’s a look that’s been prominent in decor overseas for a while now and I feel us Aussies are finally catching on.

The major stores might not be showcasing it just yet (they will, trust me), but so many smaller makers and international websites certainly are. So that’s where the majority of pieces in this roundup comes from, which is nice when you think about it. You can’t get all your decor from major retailers, after all.

Let’s take a look at the most prominent faces artwork and decor below. The look has spilled over into so many decor and art categories, so you’re really spoilt for choice. The vases above (image via Albi) are hands-down my fave of all the face finds, and I’ve popped the link to get them in the mood board further down.

I’d love to hear if there are any local stores you know of who are rocking this trend so I can add them into this post. Drop me a note in the comments section at the end of the article.

within the lines face line drawing art

Faces Artwork is Everywhere

Faces artwork is a great place to start our roundup, because it’s so easy to work into just about any design scheme. The simplicity of the fluid lines in these pieces means they can be the supporting players in a space. These artworks aren’t going to be overly dominant in the room but they can certainly be stunning guest stars.

They’re actually very similar to some of the pieces in the female body art roundup I did on the blog recently, which feature similar line drawing techniques and are just as beautiful.

You’ll also notice that in the imagine above, which features the divine Within the Lines Artwork, that grouping these sorts of art pieces is easy as well. Popping two side-by-side looks lovely. Or you could even work a few into a chic gallery wall in your home. Mix them with some photographic art or even some quote art and you’re onto a winner.

If you love the art above and want to shop more like it, Olive et Oriel is a local art brand that stocks loads of face artworks. Give them a look.

face wallpaper black and white face line drawing wallpaper in bathroom

Dare to Rock Some Faces Wallpaper?

Now I know some of you will think I’m insane for including this, but I had to. And I know the idea of faces wallpaper might seem over the top, but some spaces are destined to be over the top.

In the image above, which features the amazing Portrait Face Wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper, a bathroom has been given a graphic punch. The space would be fairly stock standard without the wallpaper, so in this instance I think it really brings something interesting to the room.

Sure, you might not be keen on plastering giant faces across your bedroom or bathroom, but a kids play area would look amazing with this wallpaper in it. I could also see it in the bathroom of a cool office, or a teenagers room if they were into a black and white scheme.

But if wallpaper is a bit much for you and you’d prefer to keep this trend to faces artwork and decor, I’ve put together a mood board for you below which showcases the best of this vibe. Enjoy.

face decor mood board face homewares australia

The Faces Art & Decor Mood Board

As you can see from the board above, faces artwork and decor is everywhere right now. I’ve popped all the links to shop below for you, so you’re just a few clicks away from rocking the trend at your place.

  1. Face Line Art, from $20.20 by Ambie Studio
  2. Faces Travel Mug, $31.33 by Valeria Art
  3. Abstract Face Throw Pillow, $23.99 by City Art
  4. Face Plate, $99 by Pierre Carron,
  5. Blush Faces Wall Tapestry, $26.99 by Explicit Design
  6. Twins Tote Bag, by $19.99 Knstartstudio
  7. Figurative Table Lamp, $229.95 by Amalfi
  8. Printed Faces Large Lampshade, $125.30 by HK Living
  9. Abstract Face 5 Wall Clock, $25.59 by Thing Design
  10. Figure Vases in Black and Green, $59.95 each from WestcoHub
  11. The Three Faces Line Art, $24.95 by Desenio

How many of these are you in love with? I’d love to hear from you in the comments at the end of this post.

white lamp with face line drawing on the base amalfi albi imports

What Do You Make of this Trend?

I like a trend that’s smaller and more decor-focussed. I personally never design homes for clients (or myself) that are based off of huge interior design trends. Because, honestly, the best homes feature a mix of looks and styles.

That’s why a smaller decorative trend like this is great, because you can shop for a piece that works with what you already have going on in your room. And the finds in this post are unique and quirky, which I think is good. It’s nice to have people over and showcase decor or art that’s a bit of a talking point.

Added bonus: the face artwork and decor here is already pretty affordable. So if you do tire of it you can gift it to someone or donate it without having broken the bank. That’s my kinda design trend!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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