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Olli Ella Storage Baskets

Fair Trade Storage Solutions from Olli Ella – That you can Win!

Olli Ella Fair Trade Storage SolutionsYou can never have enough storage.

If you’ve lived in a home that resembles the ones I’ve occupied over the past few years, storage is always an issue. In my humble opinion, no bedroom should ever exist without a built-in wardrobe and no hallway should be without a linen press. And yet I’ve found myself without both of these precious inclusions a few times before.

Looking to stylish storage solutions is the only answer in situations like this, and when there’s a fair trade ethos attached to them – even better. Which, if you’ll excuse the worst segue in the world, brings me to the storage solutions in today’s post, courtesy of divine homewares brand Olli Ella.

Olli Ella is the brainchild of sisters Chloe and Olivia Brookman. The brand was born in London town back in 2009 and it has not long hit our shores thanks to Chloe’s move to Sydney with her family.

Fiar Trade Storage Solutions from Olli Ella

The brand, at first glance, tends to skew toward baby homewares and kids decor, but if you ask me, so many of the pieces have versatility written all over them. There are no kids at my place (unless you count the cats) but I’d implement these hand-woven storage baskets into my rooms in an instant! The smaller belly baskets, for example, would look diviiine with a pot plant in them (rocking an indoor plant is so very on-trend right now).

“Making sure that our producers adhere to fair trade practices is essential for our company,” the girls tell me, when I ask them why this aspect of their biz is so important. “Whenever possible we try to manufacture locally and use sustainable and recycled materials, FSC certified wood (with our furniture), and water-based dyes (for our bedding and textiles)”.

Of course, there is so much more to this homewares brand than just baskets. They also stock art, bedding, chairs, rugs and a whole lot more.

>>> Connect with Chloe and Olivia from Olli Ella through their site or social media:
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And if you’d like to score yourself three lovely storage baskets from the girls, check out the competition below.


Win Olli Ella Storage Baskets

To go in the draw to win three storage baskets:

– Follow Olli Ella on Facebook
– Drop a comment below telling me how you’d use these baskets at home

Comp open to Aus residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm Monday March 23
Prize includes 1 x Yellow Teepee basket and 2 x Natural Belly Baskets

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Comments (35)

  • Kirralee Pochodyla

    Like you said Chris, I love the idea of indoor plants in the smaller pot-belly baskets. I’ve seen them on a few blogs now and they look amazing! I also love the patterned baskets, which I would use for holding laundry or to store some throw blankets in the living room.

  • Karina

    The large basket would be very handy in our apartment as a Laundry Basket.. Those tall plastic ones aren’t easy on the eye and this would be perfect to have in the corner of our room! The others I would love to use for storage, in the Office and also for the wardrobe to tidy up all those bags,belts and beanies!

  • Laura MacLeod

    The yellow teepee basket will hold all my overflowing cushions and throws in the lounge. I’m picturing a flowing fern for one of the natural belly baskets – also in the lounge. Then maybe the last one for actual storage. But let’s be honest it’s so pretty it will end up on display in the lounge as well!

  • I would quite literally use these baskets to bring me aesthetic joy and happiness every single day. They are sooooo beautiful. As is the way the have been produced. Love.

  • Ricki McKeon

    Wow! So funky! The big one would be the most talked about laundry basket in this town, in my home!!! The little two would make amazing plant baskets, or would look perfect on a shelf with some items inside. Truly gorgeous baskets. I am in love!

  • Amanda Carpenter

    These baskets are beautiful! I’d hang one of the natural belly baskets from the ceiling in my bedroom with a fern in it. The other one would sit in my lounge with a lovely plant in it. Lastly the teepee basket would hold the overflowing amount of soft toys in my little boys room☺️

  • Kristin Horsley

    These baskets are just gorgeous! I’m desperate to bring more indoor plants into our living space, and as you suggested the belly baskets would be perfect displaying beautiful plants. One in the entry way, and another in our family room I think. The larger patterned basket would make a lovely hamper. Love them!

  • Paula Pettigrew

    These baskets are just the most beautiful shape, the smaller baskets would most definitely look amazing with plants in them but also equally as stylish as toy storage in my daughters bedroom.
    The large basket has many uses, it would look stunning by itself in my entrance hall next to my hat stand, or anywhere in the house and double it up as storage with cushions and throws being the obvious choice!
    These are beautiful timeless pieces. Xx

  • Karen

    Oooh, I LOVE these! We have a serious shortage of storage space in this old house, so im always on the lookout for clever, stylish, versatile storage solutions. With two young toddlers I would use the large one as toy storage that doesn’t look too much like toy storage! It would be perfect for the overflow toys that end up in the living room, despite my efforts to keep them in the toy room. I would use one of the smaller ones in the entranceway as a beautiful pot plant holder and to make a fab statement on entry. And I would use the second small one as much needed towel storage for our bathroom – it would look perfect on our vanity with towels in it. Pretty please!

  • I have a poor rubber plant who is searching for a basket home! Not to mention that the toys are exploding out of all our current baskets. This would definitely help with the ‘de-cluttering’ phase I’m in…. basket’s with lids is the solution!

  • leila wearing

    I would use them for the following…
    kids toys
    carrying home made bread on my shoulder
    dress up items (yes we need a whole basket)
    Hiding my boyfriend when he is annoying
    hiding new clothing purchases until sufficient time has passed and i can sneak them into the wardrobe


  • Meredith Leedham

    These baskets are so gorgeous you dont need a reason to have them – you just need to have them. One way I would use them is to store my beautiful material collection i have colleceted from here and overseas! Good luck to me!

  • Oh for the gorgeous tidiness that would bring to the toy situation in Love Bug’s room. Of course, if I let her have them that is. I can see them scattered throughout the house for lounge storage {I *may* have excess throws}, for the mutt’s toys {they *may* have an oversupply} or for my bedroom {just because}. Love that they are fair trade. Love love love.

  • Kelly Allan

    The large one screams washing basket to me, and would definitely brighten up my sad and sorry bathroom! The smaller ones I would use to hold my magazines, and if I’m feeling generous I may give the other one to my Mother Dearest, or better yet, use it for a plant 😉 x

  • Maggi McDonald

    I have a very passionate love affair with baskets of all types, I love these and the story behind them, thanks for sharing! I would use the tall basket as storage for all my rolls of paper in my studio and the smaller ones will be a perfect home for my favourite fiddle leaf fig. I think baskets are a great way to introduce texture in a space and these are gorgeous beyond!

  • Emma-jane

    4 years is what it has took for this competition to find me. I have a passion for woven baskets and have never been able to incopperate them into my coastal/tropical home’s interior as a shop on a budget! It’s my first home and still shopping on a budget. What these baskets would mean to me if I won = peace of mind.. That I can achieve my dream of having a handwoven fair trade basket in my life, in my bedroom to wake up to every morning and smile. Use: basket for partner an me

  • hannah walsh

    I love the idea for putting all the shoes away at the front door and hiding them from view, with the lid on! I’m a sucker for a storage solution that looks good and is functional also.

  • In love with the baskets! There are so many things i would do with them from kids toys, laundry, shoes, plants, hiding washing. They would also look great in my photography studio filled with some of my props! Pick me pick me xo

  • I must have the most un-glamorous ideas, but here goes! 🙂

    I’d use the large one for dirty clothes, which we currently just stock-pile on the floor in the corner of our room.

    I’d use one of the smaller ones for my husbands socks, nice and easy for him to pick a pair out in the morning, and I’d use the other small one to hold some toilet rolls in our loo!

    Cheers X

  • I’d fill it with Lego. Anything that can keep that stuff from under my feet is sent from Heaven!

  • Elisa Browning

    Oh stop it – a fairtrade basket with triangles – triple whammy of goodness!
    I’d use the triangle loveliness for me, for bags and winter scarves.
    The smaller two, I’d use one for the many matchbox cars my son has acquired & the other for his animals who drive them (oh the mind of a 2 year old, it’s pretty awesome)

  • It’s getting cooler…which means an abundance of throw blankets, crap loads of cushions and fluffy slippers these baskets would look divine next to my couch over flowing with with the above…getting chills thinking about it and toasty marshmallows….. And hot choccy

  • Belinda S

    Toys, toys, toys and (if I can ever find one) a fiddle leaf fig!

  • Khalil S. Khouri

    I’d fill it up with my laundry, just to make it easier for mum 🙂

  • Yellow tee pee would be amazingly stylish (…. And helpful!!) In my daughter’s room to store all of her cushions and blankets not needed on her bed at night!

  • mel

    Toys, toys, toys! As much as I love my son I’m not as big a fan of his Thomas the tank all over the floor…the baskets would be perfect storage for all the tracks!

  • Jelena M.

    Stealing your idea here Chris but one natural belly basket would be hung in the bathroom, with a gorgeous pot plant in it… The other stylishly storing dozens of PlayDoh boxes currently scattered throughout the rooms. And finally the gorgeous Teepee basket to effortlessly hide clutter when friends come over – causing major envy ! 😉

  • casey

    Love these Chris…with three small crazy kids in my home the possibilities for all three of them are endless! If I had these baskets in my life storing everything that comes along with kids would definitely be stylish!!!

  • Shoni

    Beautiful and fair trade. I’d use them for storing the kids toys, a basket full of Lego, another for trains/cars etc etc

  • Rhonda Lockery

    Love them I would use them for Towels or magazines I think but with baskets there is always something you can store in them

  • Caitlyn Ellis

    I could definitely use one of these gorgeous baskets in my ensuite for all of my laundry! No more washing all over the floor!

  • Nicole Child

    The larger basket would be perfect to store all the kids shoes that always end up at the front door. The smaller ones look so versatile, maybe I’d use one on my kitchen bench to collect all the bits and pieces that end up there and the other as a fruit bowl.

  • Basket perfection! My main bedroom is yellow and in need of a stylish hamper! The other two gems will find there way to being a new plant holder & the other a catcher of things!

  • Sharyn W

    I am so in love with these baskets and they would find a loving place in my home
    They are natural and beautiful and they need to be seen and shown
    One natural belly basket would be used to store my newest hobby you see
    Knitting – natural organic wool and bamboo knitting needles would sit in this oh so perfectly
    The other natural belly basket would be used in my children’s room to store their current favourite books for reading at bed time
    As they would treasure this natural basket though probably wrap bright bits of material around it and think it utterly sublime.
    The yellow teepee basket would sit oh so divinely next to my lounge where it would stand out and be right at home
    As it would be used for storing my bamboo/cotton rugs and throws that often end up on the floor each day which makes me groan and moan.
    So as you can see I have the most perfect uses for these natural baskets yippee
    And if they came to live in my home I would be oh so very giddily happy 🙂

  • Edwina

    These baskets would be great to control the shoe and bag clutter in my entrance and to stash away some toddler toys. Love!


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