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Fathers Day Gifts Guide: 10 Pressies Dad will Love!

It’s time to put a ban on books and booze for Father’s Day, Creatives! The gift guide I’ve put together in today’s post is filled to the brim with presents Dad will actually lose his mind over – and with enough variety to cater for every style of dad there is. And just between you and I, I may end up bagging a few of these for myself (I deserve it!). On with the TLC Fathers Day Gifts Guide!

Speaker for Fathers Day - Yellow Octopus

1. WOW Portable Bluetooth Speaker, $74.95
For the father who’s always on the move, you can’t go past this portable bluetooth speaker. Perfect for the home office or when he’s out and about, just connect it to any bluetooth-enabled device and you’re good to go!
Click here to shop this gift.

Fathers Day Gifts from Yellow Octopus

2. Retro Vinyl Turntable Record Player, $195
Let Dad step back in time and get his groove on with this bad boy. It’ll not only play his classic records, but allow him to channel his inner DJ. What more could he want?
Click here to shop this gift.

3. Mr Men Mugs, $14.95
This is definitely a gift I’m bagging for myself! Whether your dad is Mr Strong, Mr Happy or even a tad Mr Grumpy, these mugs are fun and affordable – and ideal for his desk!
Click here to shop this gift.

Fathers Day Gift Guide Yellow Octopus

4. Retro Combi Van Table Lamp, $39.50
For the dad who’s a bit into decor or was the ultimate beach comber in his younger days, this lamp is sure to provide a few flashbacks. The ultimate in ’60s memorabilia.
Click here to shop this gift. 

5. Gin and Tonic Ice Cube Tray, $13.95
Ships and icebergs; what more could your Dad want when kicking back with a G&T? (PS: this is another gift I’m totally nabbing for myself!). A whimsical way to enjoy a bevvie! 
Click here to shop this gift. 

Fathers Day Gift - Yellow Octopus

6. Slide Light, $129.95
Perfect for the arty dad who wants to display his work, this decor must-have is giving me heart palpitations in the best way possible! You can hang this baby vertical or horizontal and popping your slides in and out for a constantly-updated look is a cinch. 
Click here to shop this gift.

Gifts from Yellow Octopus

7. Gentlemen’s Hardware Wash Bag, $59.95
For the travelling dad who needs to remain dapper, this pressie is the one! I have a long-standing obsession with felt, so naturally I’m going bananas over this one – and it’s compact enough to slot into his suitcase while still holding all of his travel must-have’s!
Click here to shop this gift.

8. The Obsessive Chef Chopping Board, $34.95
Is there any better dad than one who likes to dabble in the kitchen? This board also plays into any chef’s natural OCD tendencies by ensuring each ingredient is cut to precision, so reward Dad’s inner perfectionist with this one (and keep him in the kitchen while you’re at it).
Click here to shop this gift.

Gadgets and Gifts from Yellow Octopus

9. Golf Sense 3D Motion Swing Analyser, $179.95
I know nothing about golf, but I do know that budding golfers will lose their mind over a gadget like this one. It detects acceleration, velocity, tempo, position and posture, so getting Dad playing like a pro is possible (and the credit will be yours).
Click here to shop this gift.

10. Missile Launching Remote Control Helicopter, $69.95
I saw three grown men go ape over these last Christmas when they were in fact intended for the kids in the family, so I know that this gift is a winner for any father who is a big kid at heart. It comes with eight missiles that you can load for rapid fire – which I’m told is a really good thing!
Click here to shop this gift.

Yellow Octopus - Fathers Day Gifts

This post is a TLC solution thanks to the team at Yellow Octopus. 
Click here to hit their website and explore their giant range of gifts and more for Dad and other members of the family (they have loads of homewares goodies, too!).

Fathers Day Gifts



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