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for the love of paris female face artwork white room interior with fireplace, black metal lamp, cupboard w

This Feminine Floral Art Collection will Blow your Mind

I’ve lost my mind over local artist Patricia Mendes and I’m not sure I’ll get it back anytime soon. I don’t even want it back. The works available in her online store, 4 The Luv, are so mind-blowing you probably won’t gets yours back after viewing either.

An art style that I can only describe as feminine, floral, fashion-y and fabulous, Patricia has been selling her work since 2016 to a very happy customer base. And here’s the good news: not only do you get to ooh and ahh over it in today’s post, but I’ve teamed up with Patricia to give a piece away. Details on how you can win further down.

But truly, I’ve always said that the best art is art you find tough to explain your love for. It just captivates you. It has an effect on the way you feel. You can’t quite put your finger on why you find it so phenomenal, but you just have to have it. That’s how I feel about Patricia’s work. And I’m sure you’re going to feel the same way.

I caught some time with this talented lady and former fashion designer to get the lowdown on how the stunning works you see here came to be. And I reckon you’ll find it pretty inspiring.

for the love of paris White table with decorations, plants and pastel rug on a pattern

The ‘Aha’ Moment that Birthed a Brand

“I began mixing my fashion illustration portraiture with a bit more realism,” Patricia tells me, of how the style of art was born three years ago. “Last year I took quite a leap of faith and added layers of painted texture to my works and it was the right move. It has been a challenge though, as a creative business in art, not to be influenced by trends completely or inspired by others work”.

After leaving her life in the fashion world behind thanks to the arrival of two unexpected babies, Patricia tells me that her creativity got put on the back-burner while she raised her little ones. She tells me that in the process, she feels she lost herself for a time. But it was an ‘aha’ moment that changed everything.

“I was trying to teach my kids that they could be anything they wanted to be. And that they don’t have to fit in those square boxes society sometimes makes for you,” Patricia explains. “And yet I wasn’t doing exactly that. I believe we teach through action, so I took action and began creating”.

Not knowing what was going to come of it, Patricia got to sketching and found that the creativity just kept coming and coming. It was at this moment she knew she was on the right path not only artistically, but vocationally too.

“Even if it doesn’t work out I will always know i did it; I created and stepped out of that box I had built myself, and in doing so I hope to inspire others to be true to themselves”.

I love everything about this aha moment and Patricia’s approach to life, don’t you?!

feminine floral art in living room with pink velvet sofa and gold side table

“I was trying to teach my kids that they could be anything they wanted to be, and that they don’t have to fit in those square boxes society sometimes makes for you,” Patricia explains. “And yet I wasn’t doing exactly that. I believe we teach through action, so I took action and began creating”.

piecies zodiac artwork for the love of paris white wall with double door next to a wooden breakfast table a

From Her Home to House Rules

It’s been a pretty wild ride for Patricia since she took that leap of faith. Deciding to tap back into her creativity and offer her works up to the world has truly paid off. Last year, Urban Road was fortunate enough to collaborate with her on an artwork called ‘Breathless’. It made it onto Channel 7’s popular reno reality show, House Rules. And it made for quite the pinch-me moment for the Queensland artist.

Outside of breathless, Patricia tells me that her Luna artwork (pictured below), is one of her iconic sellers.

“I call her my colour explosion,” Patricia says. “I went from a complete irrational fear of using different mediums and colour to using almost every colour available to me. And I have yet to have any other work outsell her. She took me me far beyond what I through myself capable of”.

I can see why. An explosion of hue against a moody black backdrop means the piece works in a variety of interior design schemes. From luxe to tropical, contemporary to industrial, it’s a versatile piece with a soft yet powerful vibe. And who doesn’t love a floral?

As you’d imagine with anything creative, some artworks come together quickly. Others take far longer. Some even end up on the scrap heap, deemed to never see the light of day.

“Artist block is a constant, and heavily highlighted by deadlines,” Patricia admits. “It’s so fascinating to me how that inner voice can be so loud that you can barely hear yourself. But nothing a good walk on the beach or Netflix binge can’t fix”.

for the love of paris female face artwork black and gold poster above plants in bedroom interior with whit

The Hustle is Deep but the Inspiration is Deeper

Creating her feminine floral art is no side hustle for Patricia. It’s her full-time job outside of being a mum. And she does admit that there are challenges to contend with.

“Art is my only source of income, and this was only because I had chosen to be a stay home mum,” she explains. “In hindsight I do think having a secure job would be of great benefit to anyone starting out. Nothing snuffles out creativity quite like money worries and numbers”.

While she does admit that running the online store comes with its learning curves – from marketing to SEO and beyond – there are blessings too. Patricia tells me that it’s been a plus to learn so many of the skills it takes to run your own business. Especially when it’s a one-woman show.

The hard work is paying off for this talented creative, and I couldn’t be more pleased to see her business and brand succeeding. Talent, hustle, and the courage to pursue her dreams got her there. And a positive, can-do attitude always helps.

“If I have learnt anything it’s that you never know when an amazing opportunity will pop up and take your work to that next level. But always put your hand up”.

Amen to that!

feminine floral paris style artwork from paris with love


Love what you see here? There are SO many more feminine floral art pieces available on the 4 The Luv website. Patricia has been kind enough to give away a framed A3 print of your choice. How bloody kind is she!?

To enter to win a framed A3 print of your choice:

  • Simply click here to visit the 4 The Luv website
  • Scroll through the collection and pick your fave design
  • Come back here and drop a comment below naming your fave and why


Comp open to Aus residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm Friday March 8.

Chris Sig

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

Comments (55)

  • Nicole

    Sienna springs- mornings. It is just stunning and the colors are beautiful it would look beautiful in my room.

  • Cindy

    Zodiac sisters Capricorn. What an amazing way to express in your home your spirituality.

  • Vilma

    Luna Summer Nights – love the bold colours … has a whimsical elegance to it! ❤️

  • Melissa Knight

    Zodiac sisters Sagittarius- I want this for my daughter as a reminder of the beauty and strength that she as a young girl and future woman holds within herself.
    The archery aspect connects with the warrior within my beautiful artistic creative child.

  • Joss

    Serena Spring Mornings – embodies femininity and combines my life long love of pink and grey. Perfect.

  • carolyn stobie

    My favorite is Empowering Horses, not one of the florals l know,but the one that speaks to me the most.

  • Cheryl

    FASHION PORTRAIT WALL ART WREN LIMITED EDITION – Surrounded by nature and beauty is all around, a lovely piece of artwork would be relaxing to have around

  • christine smalley

    I love Libra from Zodiac Sisters collection which makes an elegant statement with the high contrast black background teamed with pastels which makes her pop. Her gaze is so arresting and I just love the bauble earrings. She is a woman in the moment but on the move.

  • Jessica

    “EVE” beautiful contrast of greys and colours. Simple yet elegant of modern display.

  • Tina

    Luna Summer Nights for her mysterious and sensual gaze, surrounded by the equally stunning blend of dark/bright floral arrangement. It arouses the senses and feeds a part of the soul we don’t often delve into.

  • Francesca

    There was so many gorgeous ones it was really hard to choose but I think it would have to be Zodiac Sisters Virgo.
    Even though it isn’t my star sign, I felt the flowers covering her eyes was really captivating for me….it could represent so much- innocence, naivety, being blind to something. Thank you for sharing her talent Chris

  • Vanessa

    Sienna Spring Mornings is stunning, with a beautiful serene, feminine vibe. The flowers are so pretty. I could just picture this one in my home. Thanks for introducing us to such a talented artist! Love her work!

  • Lisa

    Luna Summer Nights is incredible! Exotic and sensual. Can see this in my bedroom!

  • Emma

    Luna Summer Nights…Love the layers of intense jewel tone colours…hiding within the floral. I have plenty of space to display this beautiful piece of art.

  • Kathy Smith

    Would just be blessed to have any of these beautiful pieces of art but if I had to choose there are two that I love and represent me. The Gemini as I am a Gemini and am one half of a mixed race marriage or Luna Summer Nights the colours are amazing and I am such a summer beach girl.

  • Danielle

    In such a beautiful collection it’s difficult chose a favourite but I love Luna Summer Nights. It’s a gorgeous sultry picture, the dark background and stunning floral colours would make a perfect addition to our master bedroom which is currently lacking any personality.

  • Angela

    Virgo is my favourite! Not my star sign but I love how pretty this piece is- the butterflies, flowers and shades of pink and purple! I’m already the lucky owner of two of Patricia’s stunning pieces but would love to add a third!

  • Bronte

    The Zodiac Sisters | Virgo | I have been in awe of this peice for months on end now ! I have always struggled to put my style into words but this jaw dropping peice of art just puts it all together

  • HeatherC

    It’s hard to go past Luna nights! Would love to see her work moving more in that direction

  • Ange

    Such a hard decision but Virgo is my favourite! Can’t go past the pink tones! What a gorgeous piece of art!

  • Melissa Jelinic

    My favourite is Zodiac Sisters | Pieces and like you said above, I just struggle to put into words why I love it. I just feel drawn to the beauty of it

  • Wendy Cassidy

    I love them all but Luna summer nights is my fave all those colours look so good together oh & I already have s spot picked out for it

  • Charmaine Campbell

    I was instantly drawn to one piece, which turned out to be my zodiac sign, Pisces. I love the blues.

  • Debbe Vo

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for the generosity of the competition. I love all her work from portraits to nursery. My all time favourite would have to the Chanel ones simply because I am a Chanel girl. I’d love to win the Chanel Noir Pink portrait . It’s so luxe & would suit my decor because most things in my home is Pink!

  • Sue Lapadula

    I love the Cancer portrait. Not only is it my star sign but perfect colouring to match my decor. Such a generous giveaway. Thank you.

  • Kara

    What a tough choice to pick just one… but I’m going to have to choose the new limited edition Serenity piece. The water colour background and the pretty pinks, there’s just something about it that draws you in. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Kara

    Sagittarius- I love my star sign and I love this piece. What a way to capture a ‘‘Sagies’ personality in a stunning visual. Love the subtlety of the archer’s arrows contrasting with the femininity of the florals. AMAZING!

  • Kerry

    ‘Rosie from the Secret Garden collection would be my pick as it is so beautifully ethereal. It would transform my hallway from a thoroughfare to a destination in it’s own right, encouraging visitors to linger and ponder who is this unusual girl and what is her secret?

  • Jo

    Zodiac Sisters Virgo is my totally favourite…..just happens I am a Virgo!
    Truly I would be happy to receive any of these prints.
    Thank you.

  • Selena

    It’s very hard to pick just one from such a beautiful collection when you look with your eyes. So I decided to let my heart choose, and it chose “Polly”. I have no real reason why, other than my breath caught and my heart said “This one”. So there you go, “Polly” is my choice. Thank you!

  • Kara Jackson

    A very tricky decision to pick just one, but I don’t think I can go past Serenity. The beautiful watercolour palate combined with the detail in her face, just spectacular!

  • Brooke McGregor

    SOPHIA SUMMER NIGHT – the pop of colour mixed with just the right amount of cheekiness and attitude. Something I think all interior design lovers can relate to ❤️

  • Catherine

    I love Zodiac Sisters Virgo! I just love the colours, but there’s just something magical about the flowers and butterfly’s. It’s absolutely stunning.

  • Jayne Cummins

    Sophia Sunmer Nights speaks to me. It is erotic and sensual. Almost a garden of Eden presence. AMAZING ! STUNNING !

  • Milena

    Every piece is just so unique and mesmerising too look at. However if I had to choose I would go for the Zodiac Sisters Sagittarius. My husband and I got married 4 weeks ago and are moving into our first home together. This beautiful piece would be our first piece of artwork in our new home. To me this piece is full of life and vibrancy, while adding feminity it also shows strength and masculinity.

  • Justine Quayle

    Zodiac sisters – Virgo. I love its innocense as you cannot see her eyes and is soft and feminine. Im a pink girl and love the use of the different shades. We are about to move house and would be pride of place on our new wall!! X

  • Ginette Nardi

    Luna Summer Nights would have to be my favorite. Her dark flowing messy hair with a sense of mystery in her eyes. The beauty of her surrounded by bright bold florals. This beautiful artwork would make the perfect birthday gift for my daughter.

  • Julie Arnett

    Wow i love them all zodic signs are beautiful. But id really love elephants or lions. We have no beautiful pictures in our house after 2 years. And I just find animals pictures so calming. The emotion they show without words we dont understand. Thank you x

  • Vanessa

    They’re all stunning, but the one which calls to me is Zodiac Sisters – Aquarius. There’s something about the colour palette and the attitude of the subject – she’s somewhat aloof (as am I) yet she’s clearly at one with water and the ocean (also like me). I feel this piece, and hard. I’d love to hang it in my front entry foyer and make it the centrepiece of a gallery wall.

  • Kristy Mostyn

    Firstly , they are all AMAZING ! But if I had to narrow it down to just 1 , it would be Polly. It was the piece that spoke to me the most.. almost like a reflection of myself. It symbolised the shyness of my soul.. yet the gentleness of my heart. That beauty is behind the layer that we see first.

  • Lucie Deveson

    I love them all! Which one to choose? Zodiac sisters – Virgo is the one that speaks out to me the most! I just moved in to a new apartment with my friend, we are both designers and still have some empty wall to fill. This one would make a great statement piece on our entry wall. The first thing everyone would see as you walk in!

  • Lisa

    ‘Eve’ could my interest immediately, amazing, beautiful and timeless perfect for my home office

  • Jan

    Simply beautiful range, i would happily display any of the ladies on my guest room walls.
    I bought a print from Chris before Christmas (waiting to frame) and this would compliment it very well.

  • Grace

    Zodiac Sisters Virgo is my favourite, not just because I am a Virgo and it speaks to my heart: I love the feminine mystique of the face covered with pretty mauve, pink and purple flowers and the butterflies representing the freedom of a new beginning!

  • Grace

    Zodiac Sisters Virgo speaks to me not only as a Virgo but also warms my heart: I love the feminine mystique of the face covered with pretty pink, mauve and purple flowers and the butterflies represent the freedom of new beginnings for me!

  • Krush Perera

    Hi Chris, I love the ‘Luna Summer Nights’ print. Contrary to its name, I think it exudes more of a winter or transeasonal vibe with its darker tones, foliage and florals.

  • Lynette Wicks

    Luna Summer Nights, Love all the colourful roses and flowers, and the expression of contemplation on the women’s face..

  • margot noone-moncrieff

    They are all spectacular!! But I think Sophia Summer Nights is the one that “jumps out” at me! Love the darker almost “photographic” face! And the flowers seem to “pop” with the contrast! Love your finds Chris, already have 3 Matt Stewart’s and I think this one would be the most complementary to his works as well.

  • Tammerly Robinson

    So talented! Eternal Elephant Maternal is my favourite – it has a beautiful sense of belonging, love, inclusion and family which is the vibe family household has – we want everyone to feel loved, welcome and at home.

  • Tracey Maruszak

    I loved the attention getting Zodiac sisters-Aquarius … that pose shows she has some sass!

  • Allison Wilson

    Beautiful, elegant work. Difficult choice but Chanel Noir Blue is gorgeous. I am sure it would be a feature in the bedroom of my new home.

  • Sharon

    I have red curly hair, my birthday is 17th August I choose Zodiac Sisters Leo.

  • adrienne

    Limited edition wall art print Zodiac Sisters Cancer for the sign that I was born under that’s associated with the glorious moon and tide
    love the colours and hard shelled claw exterior that covers the softness that I have inside

  • May

    As a Virgo and hence a perfectionist (or “nitpicker” as my 3 sisters call me!) I have to choose the very first Zodiac sister – Virgo. I love, love, love it.

  • Lilly Williams

    I am very glad to read your awesome blog. Keep sharing & Thanks.


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