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Target Winter Homewares - Soft Pop

First Look: Target’s Brand new Autumn/Winter Homewares Range

New Target Homewares for 2015 - Soft Pop Bedroom

Attending events can be tough.

For a decorating addict like me, this morning’s Target Home event – which showcased their new collection for 2015 – was particularly hard. The reason? Containing my excitement, trying not to squeal and attempting to stop my heart palpitations from going into overdrive.

It’s safe to say that the new Target Home range is mind-blowingly amazing. Target’s competitors are going to royally hate their guts, because these pieces take homewares to the next level AND keep the price point low too (which is a win for us all, wouldn’t you agree?).

Below I’ve pieced together a quick grab of the best items from their three collections for 2015. There’s Soft Pop (which you see above too), The Lodge and Global Luxe. This is just a taster of what Target has on offer – some of which is already in stores and some of which is rolling out in the next few weeks.

Let’s take a closer look at the three collections…

Target Winter Homewares - Soft Pop

Target Homewares 2015 - Soft Pop

Soft Pop

Soft pop is clearly the most punchy of the three collections and features a range of interesting colours and patterns. It has a bit of a retro, sixties vibe to it and yellow is definitely the star of the show in this story. Corals and light blues are the supporting players – layered atop a soft grey foundation to keep things calm.

The quilt cover you see up top is so eye-catching and was definitely one of the show stoppers from this morning’s event. It features both a grid/lattice pattern and polka dots; a double whammy of decor divinity! 

Target Winter Homewares - The Lodge

Target Homewares 2015 - The Lodge

The Lodge

If coastal decor went on a skiing holiday, The Lodge would the the result of their wild weekend away. It’s a subdued colour palette that feels new-coastal yet classic. There are some stunning knits in this range that allow texture to tell a story, with indigo and teal tones giving the subtle landscape a few punchy, visual moments.

For the kitchen there are tonnes of gorgeous wooden boards and other accessories. This is a new take on coastal and I think it’s going to go bananas when it lands in stores. PS: I must have that racoon ASAP if not sooner!

Target Winter Homewares - Global Luxe

Target Homewares 2015 - Global Luxe

Global Luxe

OK, so Global Luxe is hands down my fave – and the pieces you see above are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a wonderfully monochromatic pattern that gives a generous nod to tribal motifs and iconography. There’s a lot of woven materials in this story, with a few bling moments to elevate the black and white palette.

Coppers and rose golds are the accents colours in this look, giving it a bold and sophisticated edge. I walked into the room these pieces were showcased in and didn’t want to leave. This is the frontrunner!

So I’m told all of these pieces (which are designed in-house by Target’s new design team) are either in stores or are rolling out in the next few weeks. I imagine the same can be said for the website. What’s so awesome about this range is that it’s the start of something big for Target. They’re focusing on homewares now more than ever before and I am absolutely on board. 

I’m hoping to get some bedding from the team soon to show you how easy it is to work it into your current scheme (it’s all so versatile).

>>> Which is your fave collection from the Autumn Winter drop?
I’d love to hear from you in the comments below: Soft Pop, The Lodge or Global Luxe?

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  • Wow! Way to go Target. My bedroom is next on my room make-over list …

    3 March, 2015
  • I love the soft pop!

    3 March, 2015
  • Natasha Andrews


    Love the Global Luxe!! Need some if those pieces in my home!

    3 March, 2015
      • Natasha Andrews


        Yep I have my eye on that Squirrel from The Lodge collection will match my new Milan Direct Squirrel cushion perfectly!!

        4 March, 2015
  • Penny White


    Oh I’ve found you ; Your my new ‘do’ ; loving every bit of your blog and mopping all those juicy tidbits up with my mind ….. So so love targets new range too..’ GLOBAL LUXE’ has won me hands down THX Chris

    3 March, 2015
  • Corina


    Love the soft pop !

    4 March, 2015
  • Gail


    Soft pop for me. Plus a squirrel. Gosh I love the way you write.

    5 March, 2015
  • Raeann


    I have only just subscribed to your blog this morning Chris but so glad that I have found it!! My early morning coffee has been so enjoyable reading through your blogs I am hooked! The new Target Homewares range looks FABULOUS!! can’t wait to head for a shopping day and make some ‘home investments’.

    11 March, 2015
  • Tenille


    I’ve a few pieces from Target in my home and they are perf. So colourful and uplifting. Target is great for those of us on a budget because they have a really flexible lay by and amazing prices everyday. Brilliant.
    (P.S. In love with your blog Chris. Like, honest to blog)

    6 May, 2015

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