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TLC Edit: 12 Fab Flamingo Homewares Finds

I remember flamingo homewares landing in a big way a few years back. I’m pretty sure it happened after pineapples became big but before watermelons did.

We all went completely batty over them for a while, didn’t we? Then somewhere along the way we got over them and moved on. Or, if you’re like me, you just popped them into your homewares box for use at a later stage. And yes, I really do have a homewares box that I keep all of my rotational decor in. Don’t judge!

It seems like flamingo homewares are making their presence known again. The above bedding from Adairs hit my inbox this week and inspired me to search for more new decor featuring these fabulous birds.

So here it is; 12 of my fave flamingo homewares finds. Drop me a comment below if you know of any other brands doing amazing things in this area.


12 Fab Flamingo Homewares Finds

Adairs are soon to drop the flamingo bedding you see above. From what I’m told, it’s hitting stores and online mid-October, so keep your eyes peeled and swoop in ASAP.

I reckon the bedding sets will be snapped up immediately. As a grown man I would most certainly have this on my bed at home. Again – no judgement!

The bright flamingo watering can above is another fave of mine. It’s from Sunnylife and you can click here to shop it.

Below you’ll find another flamingo homewares find that had me gasp, ooh and ahh when I saw it. It’s a stunning beach blanket by Le Coco Archie, and you can click here to find out more about it.


Below I’ll share the remaining nine fabulous flamingo homewares finds, and link you to the online stores you can score them from. Enjoy!


Sofia the Flamingo Head, $199.99 – Click to Shop
Flamingo Ice trays, $27.99 – Click to Shop
Pink Flamingo Art Print, $30 – Click to Shop

Flamingo Kiddy Floatie, $34.95 – Click to Shop
Porcelain Ring Dish, $32 – Click to Shop

Flamingo Cushion, $69 – Click to Shop
Pink Flamingo Giant Balloon, $12.95 – Click to Shop
Flamingo Wall Hook, $22 – Click to Shop
Tall Flamingo Disc Lamp, $290 – Click to Shop

Know any other great places to buy flamingo homewares from? Share with me and other TLC readers in the comments below.

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