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Four of the Biggest Garden Trends for the Year Ahead

Garden trends have become just as huge as interior trends. And when it comes to the year ahead, there’s definitely some big ones landing.

I can’t say I’m fully across landscaping. They don’t teach you that when you study to be an interior stylist. But what I lack in skills I more than make up for in enthusiasm.

A stunning garden makes my heart skip a beat just as much as a good living room or kitchen does, which is why I’ve called in the expert today to tell you all about garden trends for the year ahead.

Landscape guru Matt Leacy is on-deck to share what’s hot in gardens for 2017.

The Biggest Garden Trends for the Year Ahead


Detailed Concrete

Forget tiles or pavers for your outdoor area, Matt says that garden trends for 2017 dictate a desire for finished concrete.

Whether it’s sand-blasting, honed or burnished, the end result is a durable material with a real sense of interest. The other benefit of concrete is how versatile and low-maintenance it is. And applying any one of these techniques will give your garden a visual edge.

“Sand-blasting is great because it can deliver a really decorative, artistic look,” Matt explains. “While honed concrete brings a smooth, polished look that boosts the class and prestige of an outdoor space – especially patios and pool surrounds”.


Intricate Tiles

If you’re not keen on any of the concrete techniques listed above, there are other options. Matt explains that he’s also seeing a rise in home owners using smaller, textured tiles to bring a sense of intricacy to the garden.

“We are cutting down some large refined tiles into smaller subway or cobbles-size tiles to create a little more interest,” Matt says. “This still maintains a clean look, but with a little more pattern through it.

Matt also tells me that terracotta is also being used again, not necessarily in its traditional form, but for its warmth and broad range of colours.


New Pool Colours

Mid-blue pools were where it was at for the last decade or so, but Matt explains that white pools and darker shades are becoming popular with clients.

“A lot of people are hesitant when you mention the prospect of a white or black pool, but more often than not they’ll be surprised when they see how good the pool actually looks”.

While white pools can create a sand-at-the-beach type vibe, black versions bring a sense of luxury to your outdoor area. When it comes to garden trends, Matt admits that he’s a huge fan of this one.

“Black pools are, in my opinion, the most elegant of all the options. They give a certain opulence that you don’t get with any other pool colour”.


The Outdoor Kitchen

They’ve been around for a while, but Matt says that the outdoor kitchen is only going to explode further in 2017, with potential buyers coming to expect them in most cases.

“People are starting to say ‘yeah, yeah we expect that for sure’, whereas in the past they probably would have been happy to get a pool and a barbecue,” Matt explains.

Of course, having an outdoor kitchen all depends on how big your garden is, but Matt says that there’s options for all homes.

“If you’ve got a small courtyard, then you might consider an outdoor kitchen and bench top with stools for dining, so you don’t have to clog up the space. If you have a bigger space, you could have a full blown kitchen with a sink, fridge, wok burner and cupboard space”.

What garden trends are you seeing come through for 2017? I’d love to know what you’re loving for your alfresco area in the comments below.

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