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Get a Load of these Terracotta Treasures: Ceramic Pineapple Love!

Ceramic Pineapple in White, Yellow and Blue

There’s simply no denying the fact that I’m a bit obsessed with colour. Yes, I understand and have even posted about the fact that beige can be beautiful – and I fully appreciate the swoon-worthy qualities that a Scandi scheme possesses. But for me, dear Creatives, it’s all about a high-intensity hues. You can see why I was delighted to feast my eyes on these Terracotta Treasures then (or what some might call ceramic pineapples!).

I spotted these vibrant beauties on The Home website and had to share them with you. The Sofia pineapple containers have to be my fave, but there’s a huge variety of birds (yes, birds!), vases, elephants and more on offer.  White and yellow are my usual go-to colours, but all the shades – from green to orange and beyond –  are spot on and add a bit of zest to any space.

Team these glazed beauties with some dark brown furniture (preferably vintage inspired)  for a retro feel and a lovely bit of textural contrast. Alternatively, add them to a white space for a clean and crisp colour pop! And, as always, let me know what you’re lovin’ about them!

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    Shakira Lima
    1 August, 2013 at 10:33 pm

    Hey Chris, I bought one of these pineapples too :). Am loving it!! It’s the Turquoise one, absolutely beautiful!!

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