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Why you’ll go Gaga over Two Little Ducklings.

Be still my beating heart! I’ve just discovered the cutest local emporium for stationery, prints, kids pressies, invitations and more – and I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve completely lost my mind over it (and already ordered some prints for myself). Let me introduce you to Two Little Ducklings – and prepare to be impressed by their adorable range!

Two Little Ducklings - Strike the Day Print Two Little Ducklings - Sweet Dreams Print

Two Little Ducklings is the brain child of Jacinta Weir, who started the biz in June 2012 while on maternity leave. Her experience working in a corporate design firm prior to going it alone is evident in her beautiful pieces, the idea for which came when her friends were having babies.

“As I had always done in the past, I designed a card for each of them,” Jacinta tells me. “This was my light bulb moment; thinking I could turn my love of designing cards into a business of my very own”.

It goes without saying that I’m absolutely in love with the prints you see above, but Two Little Ducklings also stocks custom name charts, educational posters and flash cards for kids; products that Jacinta’s the most proud of.

“When my daughter Lexi came into the world, she was given a lot of educational products, but they were all American based, with things that don’t really relate to kids in Australia. So I sat down and developed my educational series; with animal noises, alphabet, counting, shapes, colours and Australian animals”.

Two Little Ducklings - Geo Cards Tutti Fruity Stationery - Two Little Ducklings

Jacinta tells me that when she designs her educational products, it’s both parent and child she takes into account.

“For instance, the Animal Noise Cards not only show the animal but have the noise written to help the parent when going through them with their children,” she said. “So many books show the animal and write what it is, but give no other information. I would often be left thinking ‘what noise does that animal make?’…”

CLICK HERE to hit the Two Little Ducklings website and explore both their gorgeous and educational products yourself. It’s a haven for parents, kids and creatives like me, who swoon toward gorgeous stationery and art pieces.

I’ve already ordered some prints and will show you when they arrive and go up!

Two Little Ducklings: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Two Little Ducklings


Chris Carroll

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  1. Jacintha’s designs are gorgeous and her use of colour is so well balanced but still with creating such impact and loverly vibrance. Gorgeous…

    “popped over from Sonia’s – Life, Love and Hiccups, thanks to her why I Blog post tagging you in… she had me at obsessive with cushions, colours and cats! lol :-)”

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