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usb power point for the kitchen on TLC Interiors

USB Power Points for Your Kitchen Make Charging Devices a Cinch

Granted, I never normally find myself getting giddy over gadgets, but when I found out there are sexy power points containing USB ports – so you can transform pockets of your home into little recharge centres – my interior antennas went off and I couldn’t help but spread the word!

USB Power Point from HPM USB Power Points USB Power Point

USB Power Points from HPM and Legrand

I’m finding more and more lately (thank you technology) that interiors are needing to accommodate modern gadgetry in creative ways. Decorators and stylists have to be on their game a little more these days in order to provide clients with stylish ways to live the everyday.

These USB power points from HPM and Legrand are a nice example of this current trend. I’m in a rental home at the moment, so they’re not of great use to me right now, but I thought you might benefit from finding out a bit about the nifty designs.

First and foremost I’m drawn to the colours of these power points (surprise, surprise!). There are actually a whopping 40 colours and finishes to choose from, which takes the once-ugly power point in a whole new, designer direction. 

Ideal for any room of the home, I reckon you’d get the most out of them in a kitchen area, which is undoubtably the hub of the home and where phones and iPads are often kept and charged. Adding them inside a pantry (aren’t they all the rage right now!) would keep cords tucked away but still make the space super-stylin’. A home office would also get a lot out of these.

I’m told they also have a charging capability of 4.2A and can simultaneously charge any combination of USB devices at the maximum charging speed of the device. They’re the only ones on the market at the mo that are able to charge two tablets at top speed at the same time. Pretty impressive!

For more information, hit the Legrand Australia website by clicking here.

Do you have USB power points in your kitchen? What do you think of them? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


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