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Check Out My Howards Bathroom Makeover + go in the Draw to win a $100 Voucher!

I have to be honest and admit that my bathroom is the most neglected room in my home. That was, of course, until the team at Howards Storage World sprinkled some of their organisational magic over this left-behind area; transforming it into a ship-shape space that I’m now smitten with!

I think it’s all about utilising the area effectively when it comes to the bathroom. It’s often the smallest room in the home, after all. So if you’re feeling a bit cramped in this zone, here are some ideas to revitalise the space and open it up for Autumn.

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang. Howards Storage World bamboo ShelfABOVE: Obsessing over the Bamboo Shelf and Umbra House Tissue Box 

Clear the Clutter

People say that they lose a sock in the washing machine; I lose toiletries under the sink! A nifty vanity organiser changed the entire look and feel of this zone in my bathroom, leaving me with an area that houses everything I need to get ready in the morning. And PS: the suction razor holders have changed my life (and can be popped in the shower, too).

Howards Storage World vanity organiserABOVE: The Mesh Vanity Organiser banished under-the-sink horror
BELOW: The Classic Suction Razor Holders utilises unused space!

Howards Storage World suction storage

Use Your Walls

If you’re stuck for real estate when it comes to the floor space in your bathroom, it’s time to take things up! This means not only bringing in a shower caddy like the bamboo one I’ve used below, but also consider shelving that can house towels, tissues, face cloths, soaps and anything else you need to use daily.

Howards Storage World bamboo shower caddyABOVE: Shamboo Shower Caddy to the rescue!

Store Medicines Safely 

Just like my toiletries, my medicines were always getting lost or forgotten about (I’ve purchased about 45 packs of ear drops in the last year!). A trendy medicine box like the one I’ve nabbed for my bathroom is ideal in storing all your easily-accessible lotions and potions. From a design perspective, I’m also going bananas over that black cross. Too good!

Howards Storage World medicine boxABOVE: I’m loving having all my potions and lotions within easy reach in this Medicine Box

Add Some Finishing Touches 

White accessories will make a room feel a lot larger, and the ones I’ve picked up for my space have done just that. I like to keep the bathroom fairly neutral anyway, because I like to evoke a bit of a sanctuary feel (which is where the amazing bamboo bath caddy below comes into play!).

Howards Storage World products
ABOVE: Aquala Bamboo Bath Caddy, Milky Tumbler and Milky Lotion Pump


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Drop a comment below telling me which Howards bathroom products you could use to organise your space! (check out the range here)
Comp closes 5:00 pm AEST on Tuesday 8 April 2014

Competition Terms and Conditions can be found here.

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Comments (29)

  • I’m loving the medicine box {and the idea that it’s all hidden away}!

  • Dianna Wolfe

    Oh that was my pick too, how great is the black medicine box?! Guess I’ll have to have look at that instore 🙂

  • Alix Helps

    Yes, yes… lovely black cross etc but hang on… is that a wine glass holder I see on that bath caddy doohickey?? Hello! A quality mother’s day gift if ever I’ve seen one. Almost worth having three kids for!

  • Elisa Browning

    Love the bamboo shower caddy – who would have thought something so boring could look so pretty!

  • Deb hornsby

    Hair care caddy for my young 3 girls bathroom and the everloc solutions dental station for both bathrooms- i love just cleaning and having everything up and off the bench.

  • Lee mills

    I am LOVING the bamboo range especially the shower caddy out with the old rusty metal ones fron the $2shop and in with one of these pleeeeaassse!!

  • Natasha Andrews

    I love the Pebblz Corner Suction Basket – we have a small bathroom so wall storage is the way to go. 2 of these in the shower would have our messy shower basin completely sorted!

  • Kim

    I need some of those suction cup razor storage things!! How awesome and safe for the kids, loving them!!!

  • Charmaine Campbell

    I need to replace my old cotton ball and cotton buds holders which are chipped, and the matching liquid soap dispensers which leak. I normally go for white in the bathroom but I love the teal range that Howards Storage world currently have. (I’m crushing on teal badly at the moment!) There’s even a matching toilet brush!!!
    We also need to replace our old floral toilet roll holder and hand towel holder which are the last pieces of a very old set, as we are about to paint and want a more modern look.

  • Stephanie

    Can’t go past those medicine storage boxes! Love them! I definitely need one to replace the Hello Kitty lunchbox I am currently using.

  • Mel

    Love that vintage style medicine box! And def need some razor suction caps for the boy!

  • Tess Thomson

    I’ve been obsessing about that bamboo shower caddy since I first saw it, looks fabulous in your picture! I’m also loving the milky range of bathroom accessories – simple and slimline; perfect for my super small space!

  • Love the bathroom makeover! I could use one of everything but I’d have to go for the pink lotion pump duck. It’s adorable 🙂

  • quidgy

    I want two of everything! The medicine box is my favourite though.

  • Emily Meacham

    I would like, need and would use the Bamboo Bath Caddy and the Medicine Box because I don’t own either these. Plus I really want them!!

  • Rebecca Borradale

    Love the medicine box!

  • Colleen carroll

    Love the makeover ❤️

  • Wendi

    I’m loving the bamboo range if shelving and the ladder for extra towel space

  • centaine

    I am loving the bamboo bathroom station. I already have a place in mind. And another must have piece is the medicine box and of course a straightener holder, the side of the bath isn’t doing my ghd justice lol.

  • libbi

    love the tissue box and the medicine container so so want one!!!

  • A beautiful bathroom is my dream,
    Colour coordinated bamboo and cream.
    The bamboo ladder and storage tray is what I desire most,
    It would make my bathroom seem like I’m a fabulous host.

  • Nicole

    I would love the medicine box, I have so much stuff just stuffed in the cupboard that is so out of date and doubled up it needs a definate makeover!

  • linda

    Oh my bathroom can do with a new bamboo shower caddy and medicine box. After our kitchen renovations blow out, our bathroom is now neglected.

  • Lisa Hannaford

    My bathroom is in desperate need of a makeover, unfortunately that will include taking out the bath and changing the tiles… probably a new vanity too! So many of these products could come in handy though, I love that wooden shower caddy. Mine is currently a wire one and it’s going rusty!

  • Chloe Barber

    Over the Door Beauty Organiser it would make my mornings sooo much easier, and it may finally shut hubby up too 😉 win win

  • The vanity organiser. I’d need more than one but if you saw our under sink cupboard you’d know what I mean!

  • sapna sharma

    Axis over cabinet utility caddy is the one thing that I will choose to save our Walls and to keep the bathroom shelves clear and mess free. It’s such a useful thing and a must for bathrooms where space is limited.

  • Alexandra Cousins

    Shut the front door. What I couldn’t do with a bit of organisation around here! I can not believe I have not bought a wall hung hair straightener holder. It is the bane of my existence, what to do with the GHD! So many great options! Loving that rubberwood bath mat too, I am so over wet soggy gross bath mats.
    Great comp, thanks TLC and Howards Storage!


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