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Icelandic Sheepskin by Society of Wanderers Greenhouse Interiors on TLC Interiors

The Icelandic Sheepskin: A Versatile Winter Must-Have

I love homewares that you can use across multiple pockets of the home, and the Icelandic Sheepskin designs I’m showcasing today have versatility written all over them.

Let’s meet the clever creative behind the brand and get some nifty style tips that you can use to create cosiness in your own home this winter!

Icelandic Sheepskin by Society of Wanderers Greenhouse Interiors on TLC Interiors

The Society of Wanderers Icelandic Sheepskin 

The Society of Wanderers brand is a family affair with Aussie creative Briony Delves at the helm. With help from her hubby Graham, son Sebastian and pooch Sunday, this local lady started the brand in June 2015 and it’s been going strong ever since.

Briony’s background in the fashion industry, paired with her study in interior design, has seen her products fly out the door since she launched them with Greenhouse Interiors last year, and she tells me that she’s so pleased that the market has responded so well to the products, which are best described as classic with a sophisticated, bohemian twist.

The brand is growing at a rate of knots, and I love the opportunity to steer the ship creatively, being in control of my own destiny whilst shooting for the stars,” Briony tells me.

What I admire about this brand is that so much time and research has gone into finding quality pieces that are ethically sourced. While some of the range has been obtained overseas, Briony tells me that when it comes to sourcing homewares for the brand – some of which are also found locally – it all comes down to trial and error.

“But the underlying ethos,” she explains, “has always been to buy and source what we would be proud to have in our own homes, and this compass has not led us astray once yet. We have itchy feet to travel again, and are plotting to wander off to some other fab destinations soon”.

society_of_wanderers_lookbook-Greenhouse_Interiors_The_Life_Creative society_of_wanderers_summer_The_Life_Creative

Icelandic Sheepskins: Versatile and On-trend

While the entire Society of Wanderers range is style extravaganza, it’s the Icelandic Sheepskin design that’s caught my eye the most. Don’t they look perfect for upcoming winter snuggles?

Not only do I adore them because they tap into the Vikings/Game of Thrones interiors trends I wrote about on the blog last year, but as I said above – they’re so wonderfully versatile. They can be styled on the end of a bed, placed on an armchair, draped across a sofa, popped on a dining chair or laid on the floor. The options are practically endless.

I could also see these working wonders in kids rooms, adding plush softness to a floor so they could be comfy while they played with toys.

Briony tells me that the four custom-coloured Icelandic sheepskin designs are her favourite products from the SOW brand.

“I love that they are such a classic piece that can go anywhere, and instantly add texture and style to a space,” she says. “I also love their versatility; ours get relocated around the house regularly from the beds to the couch, and they add an injection of colour and personality to every object they are layered on”.

Silver Icelandic Sheepskin via Greenhouse Interiors on TLC Interiors

Styling your Icelandic Sheepskin, with Julia Green

Styling guru and friend of TLC Interiors, Julia Green from Greenhouse Interiors, tells me that the good news when it comes to styling an Icelandic Sheepskin, is that they can work in any interior.

“Whilst they have typically featured heavily in Scandi-based homes, there is no reason why you can’t use them in any style home to great effect,” she explains “I live in a concrete box of a house, and the fur is a the perfect foil to the hard clean lines of the home and an instant hit of texture and warmth”.

Julia Green - Greenhouse InteriorsJulia goes on to explain that hides such as these ones look amazing on couches, beds, chairs and floors, and that they’re super-handy to have hanging around.

“It’s all about playing with their shape,” she says. “They tend to look better draped and on an angle in my humble opinion. I also think its important for them not to totally cover up the shape of the object they are on, but rather to just enhance it and add texture. For instance, I wouldn’t cover up my whole couch as it would look a bit like an animal. But one placed strategically on the back of the couch is perfect”.

Julia goes on to encourage us to get more playful with colour this season, and that a sheepskin hide in a bright hue if the perfect place to start.

“Using the colourful hides is all a part of the joy for me! Just make sure it ties in with some other styling decisions in the house (like pick a colour out of an artwork for example, or choose some cushions that work back with that colour). It’s always good to own a traditionally coloured hide, as its safe, but be daring and add a coloured one to the repertoire too…you can’t have enough of them!”.

>>> Eager to find out more about Society of Wanderers? Simply click here to see the range.

Which is your favourite Icelandic sheepskin from the SOW range? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below as to how you’d style these at home!

 All images in this post come courtesy of Greenhouse Interiors.


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