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ikea AVSIKTLIG collection in bright geometric patterns and leaf motif fabric

The new IKEA AVSIKTLIG Collection is Loud. Really Loud.

Whenever I go to IKEA (which, let’s be honest, is a lot)… I always find myself gravitating toward the fabric section.

I generally have no idea what I will do with said fabric. But I like to look, purchase and store my selected fabrics for use at a later date. The date has not yet arrived, but I’ll get there eventually.

I was delighted to discover that the brand new IKEA AVSIKTLIG collection (try and pronounce that one!), is packed with pattern across mainly fabric and tableware. But as you’ll see in the slideshow below, there’s a lot more to be had in the way of storage, furniture, trays and bedding.

I’ll let you have a scroll though the pattern-packed images below and then tell you a bit about the range.

ikea AVSIKTLIG black and white sofa with leaf pattern
ikea AVSIKTLIG black and white tray with leaf pattern
ikea AVSIKTLIG black and whit mug and storage boxes
ikea AVSIKTLIG bedding in blue and green with indoor plant in bedroom
ikea AVSIKTLIG collection blue rattan chairs with blue and white pattern cushions and throws
ikea AVSIKTLIG blue and white pattern fabric made into tote bag from ikea
ikea AVSIKTLIG blue and white geometric pattern sofa with round black and white tray
ikea AVSIKTLIG fabric and tableware with placemats and tablecloth

The new IKEA AVSIKTLIG Collection

Iconic Swedish design house, 10-gruppen, teamed up with three young IKEA designers to create the vibrant AVSIKTLIG collection you see here. 10-gruppen have been around for decades and have partnered with IKEA numerous times, but this new range is perhaps their most daring yet.

The collab has resulted in a bold and playful collection that fuses the past and the present by being all about what lies ahead. It’s a bit of a new-meets-old-meets-the-future, really. And I love the unapologetic colour clashing and use of pattern that’s featured here. It’s so different to the 2017 Stockholm Collection, which you can see more of here.

The new collection is landing this month at IKEA. Keep your eyes on the website to find out more.

What do you Reckon?

Is this collection too loud for your tastes? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. I’d love those black and white patterned plates and mugs. Those I could definitely rock at home!

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