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ikea stockholm 2017 mesh rattan cupboard with succulent in terracotta pot and stack of neutral books

The IKEA Stockholm 2017 Range is a Celebration of Texture

The IKEA Stockholm 2017 collection is landing in a matter of weeks, decor lovers, and I’m already experiencing fits of joy and rapture over it. Packed with a tonne of new pieces, the collection is split into two distinctly different vibes. A rather bright, colour-clash scenario featuring reds and blues is the first component. Which, if I’m being honest, I’m not that into (and haven’t featured here).

The second vibe, however, is a beautifully subdued, neutral and tactile design adventure I’m almost having kittens over. I’ve blogged before on how beige doesn’t have to be boring (check out that post here), and the IKEA Stockholm 2017 collection further proves my point. Wait until you see all of the dreamy pictures below. You may need a medic.

IKEA Stockholm 2017 mesh rattan storage cupbaord with wicker armchair

The IKEA Stockholm 2017 is a Celebration of Texture

So as you can see in the two photos above and the showcase below, the Stockholm collection is all about texture. It’s a carefully curated range in natural and tactile materials. Think ash, rattan, velvet and hand-blown glass; all blending together to create a visually serene, calming aesthetic.

Swedish light and nature were the main inspirations for the new IKEA Stockholm collection, and it’s transferred from inspiration to reality so well. The pieces feel light in weight, but visually light also. They don’t weigh down the room at all, and there’s a great sense of breathability and airiness about them.

The mesh storage cupboard you see above is hands-down my favourite piece from this wonderfully neutral drop, but there are a load more furniture and decor gems in the showcase below if you want to have a scroll through.

IKEA Stockholm 2017 grey velour sofa with black and white cushions and rattan coffee table
IKEA Stockholm 2017 white and grey striped rug with wicker armchair
IKEA Stockholm 2017 wicker armchair with white cushions on polished concrete floor
IKEA Stockholm 2017 boy playing with toys in front of rattan mesh storage cupboard
rattan and ash bench with rattan storage bowls from IKEA Stockholm 2017 collection
IKEA Stockholm 2017 wicker bench in bedroom with rattan storage bowls and white bed linen
IKEA Stockholm 2017 grey and white rug with rattan armchair with charcoal grey cushion and white linen bedding

A Versatile Base you Can Layer on Top of

What I also find appealing about the Stockholm 2017 collection is that the pieces form a great foundation for any number of style overlays.

On top of the neutral furniture you could easily apply an array of interior design styles. The new Hamptons style would work well with Stockholm range (see what I mean about the new Hamptons here).

Another interior design style that would complement Stockholm is the new Bohemian look that I’ve blogged about before in this post. A classic coastal vibe would also work well here, and you could even introduce some industrial elements to rough up the vibe. It really is such a versatile range, and I can’t get enough of it!

The IKEA Stockholm 2017 collection lands this April. Keep your eye on the IKEA Aus website for more.

What’s your favourite piece here? Will you be elbows out once the doors open on this range? Drop a comment below and share your thoughts – I’d love to hear from you! 

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  • Shirley


    Living in New Zealand with NO official Ikea stores, I am very jealous! These are beautiful pieces (oh that cabinet!) and best of all, not too expensive.

    24 March, 2017
  • Hey Chris I LOVE your blog! I’m an interior designer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and publish a home decor blog and you have been a huge inspiration to me.

    I find Australian interior somewhat similar to Brazilian interiors so I love seeing pictures of your home. But is your words that really inspire me, you are so real!

    Thanks for the beautiful blog.

    25 March, 2017

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