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Interior Design Trends for 2017: Extreme Nature

Trends for the home have always fascinated me, and the new batch of interior design trends for  2017 are no different.

What makes this year’s forecast so interesting is that a lot of the trends are an extension of things we’re already doing in the home. Think of them as ramped up, more full-on versions of styles that have already landed in the past. At least the one I want to show you in this post is, anyway.

Back in 2015, I forecasted the arrival of the Botanics trend, and boy did everyone jump on it. Plants came inside en masse, and we searched for new and interesting ways to display them. New pots, new hangers, new plant varieties; we gobbled this trend up like it was our last meal on death row.


Greenery on Steroids

When it comes to interior design trends for 2017, we’re taking the entire concept on indoor plants a step further.

Displaying plants in pots and herbs on your kitchen counter was only the beginning of what’s to come. You might have even thought you were a bit daring by displaying a plant in a macrame hanger (didn’t we all?), but that’s child’s play compared to what’s set to land in the way of greenery in homes this year.

Changi Airport in Singapore (seen above) is a perfect example of the inspiration for this trend; it really does lead you to wonder if you are indoors or out, or a combination of both. It messes with the very notion of what the terms ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ even mean, and for that reason alone I love this idea.

What also backs up this trend being big for the year ahead is the release of Pantone’s colour of the year: greenery. You can expect all of this indoor nature to be accompanied by equally green decor and furniture in an array of tones.

indoor vertical garden art interior design trends 2017

You can make this trend your own

One of the reasons I’m so intrigued by trends is that when they’re forecasted, they’re often more abstract, overarching concepts. And then we take what we love from them, ditch the bits we find too naff, and then put our own spin on them. That’s my fave part; seeing what you do with the trend.

The good news is that you can make the Extreme Nature trend your own really easily. But if you’re thinking of bringing another pot plant inside, that’s not enough.

Although I like to forget that Uma Thurman ever played Poison Ivy in that horrible Batman movie, the set designer was onto something there. The Extreme Nature trend is all about green installations inside, and living in your own lush oasis is where this look is headed.

moss and tree inside home next to fireplace interior design trends for 2017


Go Big or Play it Safe

Vertical gardens are the easiest way to make this trend your own. So start to look around the pockets of your home and consider where a green installation might work.

A wide hallway, a pocket under your stairs, or an expansive wall in your dining room would all bode well for an Extreme Nature moment. There are also less expensive, more DIY concepts you can pull off if you wish to, and I’ve included a few in the slideshow below.

Another thing to point out is that it’s not all plants in this look, either. Any element from nature can find its way inside. The concept of large tree trucks and logs is a phenomenal idea, or branches on walls and ceilings is another good one. We see a lot of twigs and branched used in event styling (like weddings), but it’s so nice to finally see sophisticated versions in actual homes.

The Trend Explored

Scroll through the slideshow below for some big ideas (and smaller ones) on how to make the Extreme Nature trend your own.

indoor vertical garden in dining room interior design trends 2017

indoor vertical garden in modern city apartment with marble dining table

vertical garden in city apartment interior design trends for 2017

indoor vertical garden in living room with built in desk

living vertical garden in warehouse apartment

interior design trends for 2017 vertical garden in city office hallway

indoor vertical garden on concrete living room wall interior design trends for 2017

dit indoor vertical garden with leather strap pots

Only one question remains; do you love this look enough to give it a go?

Sound off in the comments below and let me know what you think of Extreme Nature. When it comes to interior designs trend for 2017, do you think it’ll last?

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