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Typo Tropical Bandaids

It’s Battle of the Fruits in this Colourful New Home + Stationery Range

The fruity homewares and stationery craze refuses to go away – which is probably a good thing considering I adore the tropical colour story this aesthetic brings to a space. Although I did declare a short while ago that ceramic pineapples are officially over, I never threw all fruits under the bus – and I think they’re divine in many respects.

Typo Tropical Baidaid Bandages and Plasters

PS: I’m more than willing to be proven wrong re the ceramic pineapple. I’m ready to see photos if you have one that’s stunning. I have been wrong before… once… in 1992 😉

This new range from Typo is reigniting my love for all things fruity – and with campaign shots that are flay-lay and fabulous, I’m losing my mind a bit. Let’s take a look at this trending trio of fruits…

(Before we do that, can I take a moment to say how utterly amazing the bandaids are above? I’m almost willing to go graze my knee now just so I can sport a watermelon one!).

Typo Tropical Homewares RTange - Pineapple Stationery Typo Tropical homewares range - Watermelon Homewares Typo Tropical Homewares Range - Banana Homewares

As you can see, there’s a sublime colour story going on with all three fruits. I’d normally gravitate right toward the teal colourway, but there’s something about that watermelon pencil case that’s tugging on my heartstrings. It’s pretty stellar, don’t you think?

In true Typo style, there’s some cheeky signage included in the range, like the “Please avoid eye contact whilst eating bananas”, which is a message I’m completely on-board with (does it get any creeper than someone going all out eating a banana?). I also really love the ceramic coffee mugs. I’d use them as pencil holders in my office.

Products are now available in-store. Or hit the Typo website for more.

>>> Cast your vote: What fruit is taking your fancy the most from these three? And do you agree re the death or the ceramic pineapple?

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