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Pax and Hart Heart Eyes Kids Wall Art

Kids Art Ideas: 11 Brands that’ll Transform their Walls

One simple way to create an impact when decorating your child’s room is by adding art. Whether the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve is minimalistic or bright and busy, there are clever artists and creatives making beautiful art both you and your child can enjoy (and to suit a range of budgets).  The key is to find a style that will grow with your child.

When looking for kids art ideas, don’t be scared to move away from the traditional boy/girl colours of blue and pink, or pop culture overload.  Incorporate your child when choosing art for your kids and have fun creating a room your child will love. Here are some kids art ideas I’ve hunted out that are amazing on all counts.

Kids Art Ideas: Little One’s Spaces

Pax and Hart Frankie Art for Kids TLC Interiors

1. Pax and Hart: Heart Eyes & Frankie

No young child’s room is complete without a piece from talented Australian artist, Emma Labattaglia of Pax and Hart.  Inspired by the whimsy of innocence and the charm of childhood, the ‘Heart Eyes’ and ‘Frankie’ Pax and Hart prints will work in any room, boys and girls.

Mrs Mighetto Billie Rose Art for Kids TLC Interiors

2. Mrs Mighetto: Billie Rose

Mrs Mighetto is a big deal in kids interiors. Released only days ago, the Billie Rose print is from the Swedish duo’s new limited edition range. Made from original paintings in watercolour stuffed full of fantasy, history, mystery and colours and available from the Poster Club, one of of only four worldwide retailers. 

Ragdoll Illustrations Teepee Girl Art for Kids TLC Interiors

3. Ragdoll Illustrations: Teapea Girl

Ragdoll illustrations is a boutique stationery and home wares label known for its playful characters, simplistic design and clean lines. Sally Shand designer and illustrator established Ragdoll Illustrations in Wellington, New Zealand in 2008 and her Teapea Girl pint brings a bit of edge to any young princess’ room.

Alice Berry Llama Del Ray Art for Kids TLC Interiors Alice Berry Design Cool Dude Llama Art for Kids TLC Interiors

4. Alice Berry Design: Cool Dude Llama & Llama Del Ray

If you’re look for bright graphics and complete fun, look no further than Alice Berry Design and her Cool Dude Llama and Llama Del Ray. Art doesn’t have to be serious and these bold, quirky prints will make that statement.

Toodles Noodles Be Brave Art for Kids TLC Interiors

5. Toodles Noodles: Be Brave

The Be Brave felt flag will sit well amongst any kids decor and create impact for your child with words that inspire.

Designed by Liora of Toodles Noodles, the banners are hand printed on charcoal stiffened felt.

Nadia Flower x Harlow Little Monster Art for Kids TLC Interiors

6. Nadia Flower X Harlow: Little Monster in the Night

A collaborative project between illustrator Nadia Flower and kids brand Harlow Kids, monochrome lovers will rejoice with Little Monster in the Night

Kids Art Ideas: The Teenage Bedroom

As children grow up and enter their teenage years, art must be able to grow with them. While it might feel trickier to style their room and meet their expectations, these prints will give that much sought after mature feel to the decor. 

iThink Music is my Saviour Art for Kids TLC Interiors

7. iThink: Music is my Saviour

Music is universal and often feels no more important than through those teenage years. Music is my Saviour by iThink  is edgy and creates a simplistic focal point that your teen will admire.

Amy Wybrow The Glasshouse no 2 Art for Kids TLC Interiors

8. Amy Wybrow: The Glasshouse no.2

Florals and foliage make a great impact and are a big trend in interior design.

Amy’s ‘The Glasshouse no.2’ print is inspired early botanical illustrations and photographic documentation of the natural world, and presents them in a clean, contemporary style.

Greg Straight Art for Kids TLC Interiors

9. Greg Straight Art: Surfer Series

Create a laid back vibe with this surfer print from Greg Straight Art, New Zealand artist, illustrator and graphic designer.

Kids Art Ideas: Some Alternative Suggestions

Don’t restrict your art to prints, illustrations and photography. Make your art pop by taking it three dimensional.

Jimmy Cricket Pax Hart Kids Wallpaper TLC Interiors

10. Jimmy Cricket x Pax HartOne fun day wallpaper

Art for Kids doesn’t have to simply be traditional framed prints. Create an interesting focal piece in your child’s room with wallpaper. What once was considered ugly feature wallpapered walls is no more.  Create a feature wall where art and walls combine in this graphic, colourful wallpaper.

Designed by Emma Labattaglia from Pax and Hart and printed in Australia by Jimmy Cricket, one fun day wallpaper will bring colour and fun to any young child’s room.

Somekind hello I love you fluro wall letters art for kids TLC Interiors

11. Somekind: Hello I love you

Neon lights add a textural element to any child’s room with a vibrant 3d effect that looks good in the daytime and comes to life at night.  The ‘Hello I love you’ neon light from Somekind combines fashion and design.

What are some of your favourite brands when it comes to kids art ideas? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below.


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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