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kmart homewares 2018 pink velvet chair with maroon cushion

The Kmart 2018 Homewares & Furniture Range is here

One of the perks of writing this blog is getting invited to media events. The Kmart 2018 homewares preview that I attended yesterday was a bit of a highlight, so I wanted to share some of it with you.

The reason I lose my mind at events like this is that it showcases how affordable homewares and decor can work into high-end spaces. The preview was hosted in a designer bar in Melbourne’s south and the backdrop was stunning. There’s such a misconception out there that stores like Kmart are for budget homes. And yes, of course, we love the low prices. But high-end homes embrace affordable buys as well.

One of the more high-end homes I worked on last year for an interior design client of mine featured Kmart homewares. The client asked for them and I loved it. My approach to decorating has always been one of mixing skimp and splurge pieces. So to work Kmart homewares into the mix was a delight. And seeing them placed in a designer hotel yesterday just further highlighted how versatile they are!

Lemme show you a few snaps from the event and tell you a bit more about the range.

kmart pink velvet cushions and kmart pink waffle blanket from the kmart 2018 homewares range

Inside the Kmart 2018 Homewares Preview Event

Taking place at the Coppersmith Hotel in South Melbourne, guests at the Kmart 2018 Homewares Preview were greeted with canapés and cocktails (I’ll have both thanks!).

We were then welcomed into a dining area that featured the hotels tables paired with those gorgeously millennial pink velvet dining chairs from Kmart. You know the ones. I’ve seen them in stores and I can’t get enough of them.

Even the dinnerware was from Kmart too, in gorgeous grey and soft pink tones; grounded by black cutlery and placements, and teamed with stunning floral arrangements.

It was not long until we got to leave the dining area and jump to the rooms upstairs for a look at some new releases. I could barely contain my excitement. Three bedrooms awaited us, decked out in Kmart’s three home trends: Timeless, Natural and Urban.

Kmart’s 2018 Homewares Categories

I’ll quickly touch on the three homewares categories/trends below so you can get across what each look is all about (and figure out which trend is going to suit your home the most).

kmart homewares 2018 feminine soft pink bedroom with pink upholstered chair


This is one probably more skewed to the ladies, but I found myself crushing on it too. Pops of deep burgundy pop against a soft grey and white backdrop. Glimmery golds also feature here, paired with florals and pastel pinks. It totally taps into the romance trend I forecasted to be big earlier this month.

kmart homewares 2018 natural bedding range


This one is my personal fave because it’s so soothing. Although I declare myself totally against minimalism, I do enjoy the calm colour palette in this trend. The tones are turned down and the texture is turned up here, giving the space a serene vibe. The cups in this look have a handmade feel to them too.

kmart 2018 homewares blue and black bedding set


The Urban look is one for the bling lovers. It’s chic and sophisticated; packed with black and blue tones and accented with gold. Bold colours and patterns are the name of the game here as well, so if you like a luxe, New York apartment vibe, get all over this one.

kmart 2018 homewares blue and black bedding set and black leather armchair

Getting Ahead of the Trends

One of the things I learned talking to the design team at Kmart is how much work goes into the trends they release products within. I’m going to organise a full interview with the head of design for you shortly, because I reckon you’ll find it really fascinating.

I always love hearing about trends, don’t you? Not only where they come from, but why they come about, how stores tweak them, and also what’s worked and what’s not for retailers like Kmart in the past.

I’ll hopefully have that trend interview for you in the coming weeks, so keep checking back or sign up to get the newsletter so you can stay across all the goss. It’ll be great to hear what trends lie ahead for us, because the stores often work up to a year in advance on their releases.

Pieces from the new Kmart 2018 Homewares range are dropping in stores from Feb 1.

kmart homewares 2018 brown timber sideboard

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Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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