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copper tray with marble candelabra by marble and metal the life creative

The New Luxe Decor Brand you need to know About

I’m not quite sure how I stumbled across luxe decor brand Marble and Metal. It was either on Instagram, Etsy, Facebook or when I fell into one of my many Pinterest holes. I can’t be certain, considering I spend so much time in these places online. But I do know that when I discovered the products from this awesome Aussie label, one thought sprung to mind; I have to blog about this!

square marble coasters with copper holder from marble and metal

Meet Local Brand Marble and Metal

Rachel, the talented creative behind the business, decided to start her own brand for the same reasons many others do; she couldn’t find the exact thing she was hunting around for in the existing homewares landscape. For Rachel, it was a fruitless journey trying to find the perfect copper tray for her home.

I became obsessed,” Rachel tells me of her world-wide search for the perfect tray. “I wanted this tray and I wanted it the way I wanted it. If I couldn’t find one I would make one. And if I loved it, maybe other people would (turns out they did)”.

The brand was born shortly after, stocking not only trays but a whole host of other luxe decor goodies for your abode. Based out of her Hawthorn home in Melbourne, Rachel works not only on the Marble and Metal brand but also devotes two days a week working for a not-for-profit, and is mum to two boys (which I’m certain keeps her pretty busy).

Rachel tells me that the response to her products has been completely positive since the brand launched.

All my online reviews have been 5 star and lovely. It’s always good to get the reviews to remind you that people do actually love what you are doing,” Rachel says. “I have a great following on Etsy which grows quickly, so that also tells me I am on track style-wise”.

silver tray with marble candelabra by marble and metal luxe decormarble and copper candle holders with copper tray from marble and metal the life creative

The Timelessness of Marble and Copper

There’s no doubt that Rachel is on the right track in both her approach and product range. With the copper and marble trend landing a few years back and with our appetite for them showing no signs of waning (here’s proof), it’s safe to say that Marble and Metal is going to be around for a long time.

And it’s not just because the luxe decor she stocks is so amazing, but because Rachel is always evolving the product range.

Besides the luxe trays, candelabras, coasters and steel nests you see in this post, there is also a jewellery range on offer from Marble and Metal too. Although I’m told that it’s the decor that flies out the door the most, at least online.

Funnily enough the items which sell by far the most online are the marble coasters in the copper or polished stainless steel nests,” Rachel explains. “When I started making the trays, it was on a whim; I was just playing with the copper and came up with the idea”.

marble and copper candelabra candle holders from marble and metal

The Rewards of Running the Biz

It goes without saying that I am absolutely in love with Marble and Metal. It combines two fantastic materials and executes them in fresh and interesting ways, all while feeling completely timeless.

Rachel tells me that shipping her products all over the world is a really rewarding experience for her, but one customer springs to mind as her most unique.

“A bit of a fun highlight recently was an order of 11 sets of the marble coasters in the polished stainless steel nests from a U.S law firm who were moving into newly refurbished offices,” she explains. “I had visions of Will and Dianne (Good Wife reference – head partners) clinking glasses of scotch after winning a big case using my coasters!”.

If you’re eager to clink some glasses over a set of coasters from Marble and Metal, or explore other products in the range, click here to explore further. There is so much decor (and fashion) goodness on offer.

Are you still in love with luxe decor like marble and copper? I’d love to know what your current must-have material is below!


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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