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Marble Bathroom Accessories from Marmo on TLC Interiors

Marble is not Over. It’s Only just Beginning its World Domination

We may be fickle creatures; ready to toss one decorating trend aside the moment another shiny object is put in front of us. But when it comes to marble – and in particular marble homewares – it looks as though this chic lady is set to stay.

Some of the world’s leading designers are using it to great effect, as are some local brands you really ought to get across.

Marble Homewares on TLC Interiors

Country Road Kitchenware - Marble Homewares

Marble Homewares are far from over

Marble has been huge in interior design for over a decade. In fact, marble was like the Kardashians of design for a while, wasn’t it? It was in your face at every turn. You couldn’t go into a recently built home without seeing a white Carrara marble benchtop, and it certainly made an appearance a few hundred times on The Block the past few seasons, didn’t it?

I’m not complaining though. I’m utterly obsessed with marble and I’m loving that marble homewares have become so popular.

The look you can create with marble is a timeless one, and the material has sat with us as consumers for so long that we’ve finally come to realise how to best use it and in what scale at home. We’re also mastering what to pair with it for maximum vignette effect. But in case you need guidance, I’ll explain further below.

It’s both refreshing and beautiful to see marble being executed in new and interesting ways; across trays, bowls, vases, clocks – you name it. I recently found designer extraordinaire Kelly Wearstler use it across stools (you can see the results of it below) and there’s no doubt that it’s a mind-blowing moment.

“Marble was like the Kardashians of design for a while, wasn’t it? It was in your face at every turn.”

Marble stool by Kelly Wearstler marble homewares on The LIfe Creative Marble Salt and Pepper Grinders marble homewares on TLC Interiors

How to Rock Marble Homewares at Home

White marble is so popular because it’s so versatile. You can rock it in a Scandi scheme, a Hamptons home, a luxe setting and even a kids room.

Pairing it with black and copper is a great way to keep the look sophisticated and high end. I love seeing it alongside a vase filled with hot pink flowers, or for a softer look you can use dusty pink accessories with it.

White marble also plays nicely with blonde timber and other mid-toned woods. It’s obviously right at home in a kitchen and comes to life when you place brightly coloured fruits against it.

Black marble is just as versatile, but it definitely works best in a moodier or somewhat masculine setting. It’s great with dark wood, or if you want to take it in a luxurious direction, pair it with gold.

Marble tiles in a herringbone pattern are also really popular and have a timeless feel to them.

Marble herringbone tiles in bathroom on TLC Interiors Marble Candle by Lovely Pair marble homewares on TLC Interiors

Brands that are Rocking Marble Homewares

Salt & Pepper is fab local brand that has a range that’ll take your breath away (see here)

Resident GP is a fabulous marble mecca too and you’ll definitely get hooked on more than just the marble (see here)!

Are you loving marble homewares or is this a trend that you think has had its day? Sound off in the comments below.

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This post includes images and/or videos of Metricon display homes and events, reproduced with permission. © Metricon Homes Pty Ltd 2016.


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