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New Marble Wallpaper Designs with Geometric Grandeur

Marble wallpaper is hot to trot right now. So if you’ve been looking to get on board this decorating train, then strap yourself in; today’s post is an all stops service to Wowsville.

It’s fair to say that wallpaper has received its fair share of criticism over the years. Not only was it seen as a little bit naff and daggy, but it was also thought of as hard to remove. But boy has it come a long way in the last decade.

Not only are the designs more striking than the paper you saw on Nanna’s wall growing up, but the install and removal process has gotten easier too – thanks to new wall mural technologies that peel off with ease.

The marble wallpaper I’m showcasing today is from Murals Wallpaper and you’re going to adore it.






Marble Wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper

Meshing clean lines, flat colours and unique textures & patterns, the Prism Collection from Murals Wallpaper is set to transform your interior.

Not only is the aim here to create a visual feast for the eyes (and what a banquet it is!), but it’s all about keeping the look elegant and sophisticated too.

Trend shades like Rose Quartz and Ochre really get a workout in this collection, as does Serenity Blue.

As you can see from the slideshow above, marble patterns dominate the collection along with geometric shapes and polka dots. Marble is trending hard right now (more on that here), and I love that this look is playful yet grown up enough to display in living areas as well as bedrooms.

The murals utilise modern digital printing techniques and capture the high impact effects through HD photography. The prints can then be hung just like normal wallpaper.

All prints are custom-sized, made-to-order and priced at $34.00 per square metre.

Click here for more info.

Are you as smitten with the marble wallpaper designs as I am? Would you put these designs on your walls at home? Drop a comment below and share. 

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