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Matt Stewart talks to TLC about his Brand New, Limited Edition Art

Aussie artist Matt Stewart is no stranger to TLC Interiors. I’ve raved about his work numerous times on the blog before. In today’s post, Matt’s stopped by to tell us about his latest art, and it’s truly amazing!

When I opened up TLC Interiors Shop late last year, Matt Stewart art was on my radar first and foremost. I knew I wanted to stock his bold and beautiful work in the store, but I wanted to ensure I was offering something to customers that was different and new-to-market.

Matt’s previous work is so iconic (the Indian Headdress piece has always been my fave and sits proudly on my bedroom wall), so I was eager to see if he’d produce an exclusive piece for the store. And to my utter surprise and delight, he said yes!

It was a few months in the making but it finally arrived – and I couldn’t be more smitten with it.


Matt Stewart’s ‘Beauty with Butterfly Wings’

The artwork, titled Beauty with Butterfly Wings, is derived from a series that Matt’s working on at the moment, which fuses the beauty of nature and the feminine form.

“Nearly all of my works feature women and this cohesion of ideas works beautifully together,” Matt tells me. “The calmness of it blends well with the excitement of flight, and the ability for someone to get lost and ‘fly free’ in their thoughts”.  

Although Matt never normally names his pieces of art, he did with this one.

“Beauty with Butterfly Wings was the perfect title, as it has multiple meanings within this piece, as mentioned in my inspiration”.

This particular original was hand-drawn, rather than painted, and the actual production time for Matt to create it was only about three hours. The fact that something so breathtaking can be made in such a short period of time speaks volumes to Matt’s artistic ability. 

“As with any of my works, it is the hours, days and weeks prior, thinking about a concept over and over again until it ‘just clicks’.”


“As with any of my works, it is the hours, days and weeks prior, thinking about a concept over and over again until it ‘just clicks’,” Matt explains. “That is the real work… this time is what most people don’t realise is the most valuable”.

In this particular artwork, Matt tells me that the watercolour work of Kerrie Hess was an influence. The soft, warm tones of the pinks and oranges works well with the boldness of the main imagery. And as with all of Matt’s work (illustrations included), he always includes aerosol blends and paint splatters.

“Street art in general, always has an influence on me in some form or another,” Matt says.

I am so pleased to stock this incredible piece of art for the TLC Shop. The even better news is that it’s exclusive to the store and cannot be purchased anywhere else. There have only been 100 made and they’re selling fast, so if you’re keen to secure one, you had better be quick.

If you love the look Beauty with Butterfly Wings, click here to jump over to the shop and explore it further. It’d make an amazing gift in the lead-up to Mothers Day!

Do you own other pieces of Matt Stewart art? I’d love to hear where you put it in your home and what you think of it! Drop a comment below and let me know. 


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  1. I’ve just discovered Matt the artist.m and I’m so in love with beauty with the butterfly wings.
    Are there any prints for sale somewhere still ??

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