The latest buzzword in the world of colour is Millennial Pink, and if you wanted to discover how to rock it at home, you’ve come to the right place.

It was only a few months back that I myself heard of millennial pink. I’m pretty sure it first popped up in the fashion and cosmetics realm. And as with most fads in fashion, the trend has found its way into decor.

A gorgeous hue that’s actually pretty versatile, millennial pink can work in an array of interior design styles. And it’s being seen in a few decor releases from some of our fave brands too. Let’s explore more below!

millennial pink sofa from globewest in living room with polished concrete floor

Millennial Pink’s Textural Besties

Millennial pink works with a lot of finishes you probably already have in your home.

In the hero image of this post above you’ll see how well it plays with blonde timber and glossy tiles. It’s a great shade to add to your home on a smaller scale (like in bath towels) if you’re not keen on going all out and buying a pink sofa, for example. The range in the hero image above is from Kmart and I reckon they’ve nailed the look.

It’s also great to use millennial pink against a masculine concrete backdrop. The yin-and-yang contrast works really well here. In the image directly above you’ll see how Globewest have styled their breathtaking Gus Aubrey sofa in an industrial space – with great results.

millennial pink sofa with copper accessories from freedom

Copper and bronze are two metallics that have always worked with soft, feminine colours – and millennial pink is no different.

The image above from Freedom is amazing because it illustrates how well you can work their pink Softy Sofa into a room without it feeling overtly girly. Because all of the other elements are quite clean and structured, there’s a great sense of balance between the soft and the hard.

The use of tinted glass and marble in the room above also takes the setting in a more sophisticated direction. I want the entire space!

millennial pink bedding from kmart with soft grey pillows and throw

Millennial Pink’s Colour Combos

White it an obvious choice when it comes to pairing up a colour with Millennial pink. It keeps the look light, fresh and feminine. It’s nice to consider weaving in some soft greys as well, to add interest and ground the look.

Above you can see how well the pink tones work in this white, grey and oatmeal scene from Kmart.  The artwork on the wall introduces some muted greys and purples too, which are divine way to create a focal point.

The great thing about mixing and matching bedding like this is that you can introduce as much or as little colour as you like – and really layer up the look. If you want advice on how to build layers on your bed, this post has you covered.

millennial pink head sculpture with white geometric vases from mia fleur

Speaking of muted tones, pastels work wonderfully with Millennial pink too. Think dusty greens, sky blues and milky violet tones. The look above is via Mia Fleur (who ship internationally – just sayin!) and I love how well the pink plays with these softer shades.

If you want to really rock pink, pink and more pink, consider a monochromatic approach. Explore the full range of pink tones in a room, from muddy blushes right through to the lightest pink and white hues.

Below is a gorgeous wall hanging (also from Mia Fleur) that shows you how spectacular pink on pink can look. Add a little gold bling here and there and you’ve created a scene that’s wonderfully luxe.

Now, I know that the image below isn’t exactly millennial pink, but I couldn’t help myself. It was too stellar not to include.

pink ombre wall hanging on pink feature wall from mia fleur

wild oasis pink palm tree cushions from urban road

Are you loving Millennial Pink?

The great thing about a shade like millennial pink is that is really is so versatile. And you don’t have to go all out here.

Why not try just a small pop in a cushion or candle and see how you feel about introducing this hue? The cushion above from Urban Road is a great example of rocking the pink in a smaller way.

Are you batty for Millennial Pink too? Drop me a comment below and let me know if you’ve picked up any decor in this wondrous shade. I’d love to know where you got it from!

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  • Linda
    Posted 6 July, 2017 9:09 am 0Likes

    Yes I love the Millennial Pink it is beautiful and soft. I started using it last year when I saw a few bits and pieces popping up online. It pairs beautifully with the copper tones that I hope are still in 🙂

  • Hollie (MiaFleur)
    Posted 29 July, 2017 1:22 am 0Likes

    Thank you so much for including us in this! I only just spotted it. Gorgeous post – I’ve always been a fan of pink, but I’m so pleased it’s having a moment in interiors again!

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