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Armadillo Decorator Rug - Round

Move over, Square! Round Rugs have Arrived

Round Rug - Armadillo Rug

Armadillo Rug - Round - Living Room

Round rugs have long been the Michelle and Kelly of interiors. That leaves square rugs as the Beyonce in this metaphor. Most recently, though, round rugs are pushing to the forefront as a marvellous alternative to the standard square or rectangle, giving rooms a new dimension along with a distinct point of difference! Take that, queen B.

The reason round rugs are so special is because they offer contrast in a room. With interior spaces like living rooms and bedrooms offering rather hard lines (walls and floors as well as furniture pieces like beds and sofas), a round rug breaks up the monotony and allows the eye a place to play, to move around and to be visually stimulated by. Gorgeous rugs like the one in this post – the Armadillo Rug from Curious Grace – are full of texture, too, which gives you another dimension to fall in love with.

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To create a sense of order in a room with a round rug, repeat the circular shapes in your coffee table, trays, cushions and other accessories. This will keep the scene feeling calm.

If you want your rug to be a statement piece, consider using it in a bedroom setting; either out in the open in a larger space, or slightly tucked under your bed with part of the texture poking out from underneath.

A round dining table is crying out to be grounded with an equally round rug, so consider it for this space too. But remember, when it comes to the dining room, your chair should pull out from the table and still sit on the rug, so bear that in mind when measuring and shopping.

What do you think of a round rug like the one in this post? Would love to get your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I love round rugs. My only question is, should the legs of furniture sit on the rug in a sitting area or in the middle?

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