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Removable Crosses Wall Decal from Vinyl Design

New Removable Wall Decals + How to Apply them Yourself

Crosses Wallpaper Decal from Vinyl Design

Living in a rental home is the pits at times.

It’s not only because you’re stuck paying off someone else’s mortgage (more on that here), but it’s the inability to put whatever you want on the walls that really drives me bonkers at times. Especially if you have heavy art you’re just dying to hang up.

Diamond Wall Decal from Vinyl DesignOne such way to keep your walls looking ravishing while you rent is to get all over removable wall decals. Yes, in the past I have named some decals as a decor trend you need to retire, but those kids-style decals are nothing like the ones I’m showcasing in today’s post. These ones are pattern perfection, are a great way to create a feature wall in any room and they’re as cheap as chips.

Did I mention that you can remove them easily without ripping your paint off? As a renter, that’s the most important part of the story!

What I also happen to like about decals is the ability to change them up constantly. I don’t know about you, but I get tired of my decor pretty quickly and love to reinvent my interior at a moment’s notice. So these decals are a good way to do that.

The ones in this post are from Vinyl Designs. They come in loads of different shapes and sizes; crosses, diamonds, polka dots, triangles – you name it – each giving a space a unique new lease on life (prices start from $30 too, which my bank account will fully approve of!).

Pola Dot Wall Decals from Vinyl Design Triangle Wall Decal from Vinyl Designs

Applying your wall decal, especially if you want it in a repeat pattern like this, is going to take some precision (and time). I’d recommend placing all of the decals on your wall with masking tape first before you actually apply the dot.

In most cases, once you fully apply the decal you can’t pull it off and reuse it. So you need to go into the application carefully. A pencil is your best friend; use it to mark out where you’d like to put the decals before you apply.

Below is a video I found on YouTube for repeat pattern decal application which I reckon nails the explanation better than I can write it.

>>> Click here to explore the Vinyl Designs website and pick up some decals for your pad!

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