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Urban Cave - Homewares and Gifts Online

Local Creatives Open Sublime New Online Homewares Store

You know I’m all about supporting local creative types, so when I discovered that new online homewares store Urban Cave was based out of Sydney’s inner west (my local hood), I was on creators Greg and Lauren like white on rice.

Urban Cave - Homewares and Gifts Online

The Newtown couple have just launched the site, which is bubbling over with unique and quirky homewares you’re going to lose your mind over. I’m told that it was quite a lengthy process establishing the online hub, with the concept of Urban Cave brewing for over a year before it came to fruition.

“We probably went to at least four trade shows in Sydney and Melbourne before we even placed our first order,” Greg tells me. “It was quite an adventure bringing everything together to finally be able to launch”.

More than just an online store, the team set out to make Urban Cave a source of inspiration, community and collaboration (totally speaking my language here!). Greg tells me that each item has been carefully handpicked and every piece speaks to them in some way.

“The products we’ve selected are items both Lauren and I love, not just products we think will sell, so it’s more personal than other stores”.

SCORE 15% OFF in the Urban Cave online store. Just enter the code TLC15 at checkout! 

Magazine Rack and Vase from Urban Cave

Art from Urban Cave

Above: Of the Wonder and Thunder foil print, Greg says, “We like it so much we have one hanging in our apartment”. Below: Lauren says that the Angus & Celeste Mix and Match Planter Pots are a “really nice break from the standard garden pots you see everywhere”.

Gardening Set from Urban Cave

Camera from Urban Cave

In another divine moment of music to my ears, Lauren explains that many of the products she and Greg have selected to sell in the online store cater to renters and those in small spaces.

“We understand how challenging it can be sometimes to decorate a home where you can’t put holes in the wall, or change the carpet and so on,” she says. “We heavily focus on pieces that can be easily moved or rearranged. We take a lot of the product shots in our own teeny tiny rented apartment, so you can actually see how things might look in your own small space!

While the store is packed with unique items for both indoors and out, its point of difference also lies inside its ‘Man Cave’ section, where gifts for guys are made easy and accessible. Greg and Lauren tell me that this section is set to expand along with the other categories they sell from, so you can expect the site to be updated all the time with sublime newness!

SCORE 15% OFF in the Urban Cave online store. Just enter the code TLC15 at checkout! 

The Team from Urban Cave

“You can expect way more decorative pieces on the site over the coming month,” Lauren says, “as well as record players and the most delicious smelling candles”.

Greg also tells me that Urban Cave plans to pop up at some local markets soon, so you can get your fill of their quirky homewares in person.

Lauren and Greg are all about collaboration and staying connected to the community (both locally and online), so give them a shoutout via the links below if you fancy.

Connect with Urban Cave: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Which homewares piece is your fave from this post? Share the love in the comments below 🙂


Chris Carroll

Outside of writing this blog, Chris is an interior designer, presenter and author. He’s also spent time on TV, on Channel 10’s Changing Rooms, as well presenting segments on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show. If you’d like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

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