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Oz Design Arthouse Sofa and Armchair

Check Out OZ Design’s New Arthouse Collection + Go in the Draw to Win a $250 Voucher!

Last week I gave you a look into OZ Design’s new furniture range, which is split into four glorious collections; Arthouse, Coast, Abode and Global. This week, we’re going to delve further into the Arthouse collection (my favourite of the four), plus I’ll show you how you can work the pieces into your own home with ease!

This is a TLC Solution for OZ Design

Oz Design Arthouse Sofa

Above and below are pictures from OZ Design’s Arthouse collection that perfectly demonstrate how to balance a room using colour. Above, the brand-spankin’ new Betty sofa, in a zesty orange hue, is paired with blue and green accessories to create both visual contrast and a sense of interest in the space.

I highly recommend using blue and orange together in a living room – especially in spring and summer – if you want to create a space that feels happy and vibrant.

The button detailing and low back on Betty makes it a modular with a definite difference; it feels modern and comfortable while giving a generous nod to a retro aesthetic. 

Below, this setting featuring the divine Wallis armchair is a completely cohesive look; notice the circular pattern in the chair, ottoman and vessels? This repetition creates a scene that feels calm – even with such bright colours at play. Consider using repetition like this in a nook or reading zone, so you can sink into it with your fave book (or homewares mag!) minus the visual disruption.

Oz Design Arthouse Armchair Arthouse Collection - Sofa - OZ Design

Above and below it’s all about creating a living space that works, ensuring layout and proportion are carefully considered. Above, the Carson coffee table is one of the star pieces, with horizontal lines that evoke a sense of movement. The warm hues in this piece are perfectly balanced by the cool blue tones in the Tatler sofa.

Notice the tapered legs on the tables? This is the Danish design aesthetic executed perfectly – and it really gives these pieces a distinct point of difference. Side note: the cushions on that couch are at just the right number for a two-seater sofa. Any more than that and it would feel over-crowded!

Below the tones are super-cool and ideal for an Aussie summer. The complimentary piping on the divine Jazz sofa makes it feel rather bespoke, while the Vamp coffee table is at just the right height (it’s always best to ensure your coffee table is lower than the seats on your sofa).

The entire ethos of the Arthouse collection is to blend eclectic styles to create a room that feels uniquely yours. The setting below does this with flying colours – with that hypnotic Sienna armchair acting as the star of the show. 

Oz Design Arthouse Sofa and Armchair Arthouse Collection from Oz Design

Creating a space that feels laid-back is all about choosing lines that aren’t too straight. The fluid lines in the Penny armchair above are such a good example of the sorts of shapes you should be looking for when you’re on the hunt for casual furniture. It’s fresh, fun and ultimately feels like a chair you can kick back in. Side note: words can barely describe how smitten I am with the Sari bookcase. The colour alone is giving me heart palpitations!

A hallway or entrance can be a tough space to deck out successfully. But a simple yet striking side board or hall table – paired with art – is an ideal way to complete this area of your home. The Vamp console is a great idea here because it’s streamline yet interesting. There’s a sense of simplistic here, and you need not overdo the accessories with a piece like this. Simply pull the colours from the drawer and mirror them in surrounding vases or prints and you’ve created a very welcoming scene!

Oz Design Arthouse Collection Side Table

Are you loving the Arthouse collection from OZ Design? You might like to get your hands on a voucher so you can pop in-store and grab yourself some OZ Design goodness! See below for details on how to enter the amazing competition.


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Drop a comment below naming your fave piece from the Arthouse collection and why!

(Open to Aus residents only – Comp closes 11.59pm on Monday September 15).


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Comments (43)

  • Aja

    My greatest love from this collection is that divine Tatler Sofa – I love the sleek, mid century design and the colour is beautiful and suited to a range of interiors. Following in a close second place is that Vamp console table – again, gorgeous mid century design and lends itself to so, so many gorgeous styling options!

  • Lynette Kuhl

    Vamp Console is my fave piece from the Oz design collection, such a happy shape and colour, and oh so practical.

  • Rhonda Lockery

    I love the Wallis Armchair its trendy unique and the perfect piece to brighten any room
    and uplift your mood

  • Robyn

    Penny Armchair – cool, curvaceous and perfectly balanced. Love it!

  • Stephanie Lymbery

    So in Love with the Sari bookcase! The grain is soft and sophisticated and it is a piece that would fit well with a range of different furnishings. I really like the unique design of this bookcase compared to others around.

  • Sue B

    Loving the Penny armchair, it instantly reminds me of my Nan & a warm comfy lap.

  • Ricki McKeon

    The Sari Bookcase is amazing. Stylish, modern, unique, and the deep earthy colour of the wood is perfect. The design of the shelves make this a one of a kind show piece that would look dazzling and fresh with just about any colours and accessories. So many ways it can be incorporated into being a loved member of the family!

  • Laura MacLeod

    The tatler sofa is my fav,
    I would jump on it after I slave …
    away at work all day …
    then come home to my sofa for a play.
    It would fit in my lounge room just right …
    I am going to be dreaming of it tonight,

  • Skye

    I’ve loved OZ Desigbs fresh approach for the last few years but they have really stepped up lately with these new collections. My fav is the Jazz sofa in blue I saw it featured in a fancy open house and was determined to it track down. Was most impressed that this slimline piece was from Oz Design.

    • Skye

      Sorry for the typos! My phones battery is about to die!

  • Leonie

    I just want to cozy up on the Penny armchair and read a book. Love it!

  • Mel Champion

    I’m a sucker for a fabulous and stylish armchair!! hands down has to be the Penny armchair and why not grab the matching foot stool at the same time. It’s fun, classic and the pop of colour it comes in will liven up any room. It also looks very comfortable as well!!!! Every living room or bedroom needs that statement chair and this is it!!!!

  • Kieren

    The Sari Bookcase puts all my favourite things on display in a celebration of beautiful cohesive design, sleek, timeless appeal.


    Penny’s armchair will have me camped out in comfortable bliss for the weekend with a vino and a good book.

  • Kiralie Allan

    The common source of arguments with my husband and I right now are our differing tastes in lounges/couches. He seems content with the country look, where as I like clean danish contemporary design. Couldn’t believe it when I showed him this picture of the Betty sofa and he gave it the nod of approval. We agreed to 1 item in our renovation each we don’t have to compromise on and mine was a coffee table (he hates them) and he got a wine fridge. With the lounge now sorted its time to start…argh

  • Belinda

    The sari bookcase is screaming out for home to put my vintage goodies and knock knacks on display- you had heart palpitations … I had cardiac arrest :)))) big love xxx

  • Madeline Batch

    LOVE the ‘Sari’ Bookcase. Beautiful timber, great to display books, nic nacs etc, perfect size and love the difference in size and shape of each compartment! All round amazing!

  • spog777

    Carson coffee table is not just a decor piece but a very versatile item

  • Tamara BM

    Whoah! Hello Miss Betty sofa, a piece of pure orange perfection. Captivating. Demanding attention. All eyes in the room would be on you.

  • Jess Clayton

    I adore the Jazz sofa, looks stylish, comfy and fresh!

  • dee

    Betty sofa & Carson coffee table. Relaxed, hip & chic vibe

  • Anita E

    So on my wishlist…Betty or should I say Miss Betty. So absolutely stylish whilst being inviting. I can see us all snuggled up watching a long movie on her.

  • Jayne Cummins

    Absolutely love the whole collection if I had to pick a favourite it would be the Sienna armchair

  • Cassandra Bowe

    My fave would have to be the Sari bookcase, that timber is amaze! Would be perfect as a room divider, or against one of my bare living room walls.

  • It would have to be the Sari Bookcase! Imagine all the styling & vingettes I could pop in there! I never seem to have enough room to show off my goodies. Love it Chris!

  • OMG I am in lurve big time with the VAMP console….definitely at the top of my wish list!!

  • Fiona

    Hands down the Vamp Console is my favourite piece. With it’s clean streamline design, it allows for so many possibilities of quirky vases and nicknacks that will make our front entry colourful and standout. Will have all my friends a little jelly!

    Just look at the gorgeous finish of the rounded legs, such attention to detail.

    Would honestly love this!

  • jody buhagiar

    I adore the Carson coffee table. The colour suiting the tones in my home. Room for nic nacs and has a homely feel which screams, designed for me 😀

  • Michelle V

    The Penny Armchair must be made for me! I even have a daughter named Penni (same pronounciation, just different spelling!) I would love to put it in my recently created ‘book corner’ where I go to read. At the moment, I sit on some cushions, but this armchair would be gorgeous! The hue would compliment my space perfectly, and I love that it looks like it is a reclining style chair. It’s going on top of the Santa Wishlist!!

  • If I have to choose just one it would be the Wallis armchair, I love the pattern, colour and shape. Every living room needs a stylish statement armchair, mine definately does!

  • Adele Smith

    The Wallis armchair is divine! It showcases a great balance of design and colour whilst making it look ever so comfortable, warm and inviting. The perfect addition to a reading room/nook, nursery or just anywhere really just to show it off!

  • I have the perfect spot for the Sienna Armchair or the Penny Armchair but gosh I love it all I would have trouble deciding this yea range is brilliant.

  • Linda Sanon

    The Betty sofa will fit my whole family of 5. It’s juicy orange hue is as sweet as citrus, it’s retro modular shape has a sleek minimalist desire. It would make me Hermès happy!

  • In love with the Sari bookcase! Already like both pages on Facebook – Facebook name: Margaret-Anne Kerschke 🙂

  • sharyn w

    I adore the Penny Armchair as that style screams “this belongs to sharyn” – asides from being an amazing curvy casual funky chair (a lot like me actually lol), it is also perfect for ensuring I stick to my new rule of having some “me/putting me first” time of sitting down and reading a great book with a delicious cup of tea 🙂

  • Michelle Wigley

    I love the Vamp console! It’s simple design screams style.

  • Amber Boyce

    The Lopez Armchair. I’m such a homebody – loving nothing more than curling up in a comfy chair. The fabric is so gorgeous too – such a fresh print, perfect for spring.

  • Renee

    Love love the simplicity of the vamp console! A beautiful piece which would never date.

  • Simone Allan

    Loving all the pieces in the Arthouse collection by Oz Design Furniture

  • Wendi Crewes

    Loving the Penny armchair, to update the look of my lounge and add a pop of colour

  • My favourite is the Tatler sofa. I love the cool blue colour and it’s sleek, yet comfortable look. You can still dress it with many different options of coloured cushions (warm, cool, bright, bold) to match it as it’s not too bold, but still colourful. I think it would fit in with many living rooms and the use of cushions to match the other colours of the room

  • Cynthia

    The Vamp coffee table would be perfect for my home.
    Living in a tiny apartment with young children, all furniture needs to be functional which sometimes is hard to balance with style.
    I love that it has the drawer for a bit of extra storage but doesn’t compromise on style.

  • Charmaine Campbell

    Now that I’ve seen that Sari bookcase I must have it! I’ve been looking to replace a cabinet that is too heavy and imposing in our lounge room, this would be perfection for all my knick knacks. I might have to get the rug from that photo too!


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