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Pigeon & Weasel Candles: Beer Bottle Bliss

Pigeon & Weasel Candles

Creatives, you know by now that I’m in dire need of an intervention to deal with my increasing candle addiction. But if I may be afforded one last binge, like the contestant have on The Biggest Loser before they start their diet, I wish it to be with a Pigeon & Weasle candle. Primarily, the scent ‘Red Frog’, which as the title suggests, smells like the lollies of the same name. This is one candle making story with a difference – and it involves utilising recycled beer bottles. Genius!

The brainchild of flatmates Clayton Anderson and Prue Jetvic, this candle making business sparked from Clayton’s love of beer and Prue’s love of candles. With Prue a bit of a candle obsessive like myself, the entire candle making process started out as a hobby but soon evolved into something more. Clayton, a full time graphic designer and somewhat candle virgin, got roped into going along for the ride and they’ve never looked back!

Pigeon & Weasel Candles

The candles mid-process – all bottles are sourced locally!

The guys say that the process of selecting their signature scents was a bit of a tedious one. “We have had a lot of trial and error. A lot! The amount of different waxes we have sourced, different scents, mixtures, incorrect wick types. The list goes on!”.

I personally love the unique fragrances they’ve produced, some of which include Caramelised Fig, Buddha’s Tears and Chai Latte. Using recycle beer bottles – sourced from their local watering hole The Little Guy – gives a unique and slightly masculine edge to the product.

Pigeon & Weasel Candles

The guys say that the recycling element is an important one for them. “All bottles are slightly different and after we hand cut them it is nice to think that no two candles we ever sell are really the same”. I don’t know about you, Creatives, but I love nothing more than a product that’s a unique one-off – and I most certainly adore a candle that’s produced locally with a bit of heart!

Find out more and grab yourself some Pigeon & Weasel candles via their website.

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  • buddhas tears! sounds amazing – serious candle crush going on !


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