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pink and green living room ideas

Trending Now: The Pink and Green Homewares Edit

I love exploring new colour palettes to work with. And today’s pink and green homewares edit is an especially divine one.

Not that any colour palette is actually new, right? But sometimes it takes seeing two shades put together on a mood board or in a photo to make you realise how amazing they are together.

Hopefully you’ll get as hot under the collar as I am about today’s tonal combos, because I do think they’re pretty stellar. Let’s take a look at how you can put green and pink decor together to really make it shine.

Oh, and if you wanna check out more from the hero image of this post, it’s via Desenio. It’s so lush I can barely control my excitement.

olive green armchair with green and pink pillow caes from in bed
Love these pillow cases from IN BED. Click the photo to shop.

Combining the right pink and green tones

When putting pink and green homewares together at home, it’s important to focus on the right shades. This isn’t a hot pink and lime situation by an means. The colours are far muddier and muted.

I told you about the muddy and muted trend on the blog a few months back, and this pink and green combo takes cues from that. It’s not bright and bold, it’s not zesty and visually dominant. It’s actually quite soothing and calm.

The greens you should veer toward for this look at forest greens, army greens, deep emerald and olive tones. Banish anything bright from the equation. If you’re into zesty citrus tones, this post is probably going to excite you. But for the look you see here, the colour is turned down.

When bringing pink into this scheme, the approach is equally muted. Think dusty and chalky pink shades, not bold ones. Blush and baby pinks are your friend. A few nude and champagne tones can’t hurt either.

adairs pink and green cushions and bedding
Adairs channeling the romance trend wonderfully here. Click to shop.

Additional colours to bring in

Any colour scheme can begin to feel too forced if you don’t look to supporting tones. The mood board below is obviously all green and pink so you can get an idea of the products out there in the marketplace and how you can combine them. But in a room, you have to have variation and some moments of visual rest.

Pink and green homewares will play nicely in a neutral space against white, grey and black tones. Even creamy beiges can benefit from these colour accents. To stop the look feeling monotonous, try bringing in deep burgundy or maroon tones to channel the romance trend. It’ll take the look into a dark and sumptuous direction.

Outside of those colours, you can introduce blonde timbers to give the space a clean, contemporary vibe, or opt to have it feel like a high-end room by bringing metallics into the fold. You can do this by having legs on furniture in brassy finishes, or simply bring in some other decor items that glimmer and shine.

pink and green decorating ideas mood board on tlc interiors

Pink and Green Homewares Mood Board

You know I’m not a good influence when it comes to splashing out on some new decor for your place. Life is short, buy the cushion! Here are all the retailer links you need to click and purchase your favourite pink and green homewares from the mood board above:

  1. Kate Spade Make Mine a Double cup – Click to Shop
  2. Squiggly Gum Tea Towels – Click to Shop
  3. Vol Mint Sparkk Cushion – Click to Shop
  4. Emerald Skies Framed Print – Click to Shop
  5. Shelley Two-Seater Sofa in Forest – Click to Shop
  6. Zig Zag Indoor/Outdoor Cushion – Click to Shop
  7. Planter Swan Pink – Click to Shop
  8. Emerald Island Mug – Click to Shop
  9. Lester Round Coffee Table in Pickle Green – Click to Shop
  10. Maison Sarah Lavoine Syacruse Candle – Click to Shop
  11. Lexi Fabric Armchair – Click to Shop
  12. Blush Cooper Towel Set – Click to Shop
  13. Olio Duck Egg Green Dinner Set – Click to Shop
  14. Gigi Vase in Green – Click to Shop
Rosabelle quilt cover set in pink and green from Linen House
Obsessed with this Rosabelle quilt cover set. Click to Shop.

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