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Win a Self Care Pamper Pack from the Amazing Mary Grace

My thirst to make this small business of mine amazing is never quenched. I’ve spent the past six years building TLC Interiors into the successful blog and home styling biz you see today, but it’s come at a cost.

Self care is something I had left by the wayside in recent years. “Me Time” was a concept for other people. I didn’t take time out for myself. I didn’t pamper or indulge. In fact, even on a holiday in Thailand I itched to get on the laptop, check emails, write a blog, update socials. I found it hard to sit still (I still do), out of fear I might miss an opportunity, or that someone else might get a gig I’ve been dying to secure.

There always seems to be a little underlying, niggling anxiety… bubbling away under the surface. Rush-achieve-repeat, rush-achieve-repeat. That’s been my formula, and it can often burn me out.

It’s taken a lot of self discipline to get to a point when I make self care a priority. To me, the notion involves time away from the ‘noise’ of everything. Step away from the phone and computer. Run a bath. Light a candle. Meditate. Something as simple as applying a beautiful hand lotion feels like self care to me. A moment when I feel like I’m treating myself. And God does it feel good.

Does any of this resonate with you?

vanilla praline scented candle by endless candles mary grace

Practicing Self Care with my new Fave Brand, Mary Grace

So I’ve recently discovered a brand that I feel encapsulates this wonderful notion of self care, and its name is Mary Grace. It’s funny how you come across people, stores or brands at certain periods in your life. They just seem to speak to you, know what I mean? Mary Grace certainly does, although calling it a ‘new brand’ is kinda not completely true.

Although the name of the brand has only been in effect for about eight weeks, the business has been going strong for over 15 years. And you probably know some of the products already.

“Mary Grace is fairly new, but we are not,” explains the leading lady behind the biz, Mary Gouganovski. “We first started our business in 2002; a small boutique gift shop in Picton, NSW. We had that shop until we lost it in the floods two years ago. We started manufacturing in 2010, and have slowly become one of the largest contract candle manufacturers in Australia. Our brand had always been there in the background but not something we’d been able to work on properly”.

Since the change from Endless Candles to Mary Grace, I’m told that business has instantly improved.

“Trading as Mary Grace has really opened up so many doors for us! In the four weeks after the change, I released four new product departments: skincare, cosmetics, sleepwear and women’s handbags,” Mary says.

mary grace wanderlust hand and body wash

Why Practicing Self Care is so Important

Mary is thankfully on the same page as me when it comes to the importance of practicing self care. It’s probably why I gravitate toward the products and find them so appealing. I mean, of course they look absolutely divine, but there is an ethos that underpins the entire range. It has a lot to do with taking care of your health – and I don’t just mean the physical.

Having lost members of my family to mental health issues, this idea of taking care of yourself – even in small ways – really resonates with me.

“I believe heavily in self care. The brand has a strong focus on mental health, body positivity and being completely raw with your emotions,” Mary explains. “Whilst we sell products, my Instagram stories heavily promote and encourage talking about your feelings. Whilst we’re a brand, we’re also a voice for the people”.

Mary also explains that in such a social media heavy world, people have – oddly enough – forgotten how to truly communicate with one another. It’s why the brand is so focused on the notion of looking after yourself and learning to feel great about the skin you’re in.

“I love to connect with my customers, with my followers; talk to them like I’ve known them for years and make them feel comfortable and at home amongst the pages of my social media,” she says. “The products are very much the same, if we can provide one small thing that makes you feel better about yourself that day, I’ve done my job”.

elegance candles my mary grace diffuser and hand cream gift box

“People are looking for natural products that don’t break the bank. My motto is designer products at affordable prices, and they love that they have somewhere they can go and purchase the things they love without putting too much strain on the wallet”.

mary grace endless candles pamper pack

Practicing Self Care on Multiple Fronts: Home, Fashion, Beauty

I love a local biz that feels like a true lifestyle brand. You know; a destination where you can grab some candles, hand soaps and creams (the indulgent, homely stuff). But then it’s also a place you can get skincare and cosmetics for yourself too. Oh, and handbags and robes.

Selecting what goes into the evolving Mary Grace collection is a passion for Mary – and it shows! She’s not only responsible for everything from the website to the design, fragrance selection to production selection, but she’s steering the business toward her ultimate goal: a kind of world domination. But of course, with a very dreamy, self-care, indulgent twist.

“I have a vision of where I’d like to see the brand in the next one to five years and it’s huge,” Mary tells me. “My goal for it, is to become a department store style brand. A true one stop shop for women (or men!) to find all the things they love: cosmetics, perfume, skincare, lingerie, sleepwear, gifts, bags, jewellery, accessories, tableware and homewares”.

I have to say, this vision excites me to no end. Now I just have to encourage Mary to produce a men’s pamper collection and I’m set 😉

navy blue satin robe by mary grace

How I Practice Self Care that Might Help You

Life is crazy. And it can drive you bonkers if you don’t focus on practicing self care. As a person who has a tendency to get anxious, these are some ways I take care of myself that might help you too. Try them the next time you’re feeling stressed out.

  • Go for a slow walk – no music. Just take in the scenery and sunshine
  • Run a bath, pop on some chilled-out tunes and take some deep breaths
  • Post-bath, indulge in moisturisers and lotions – it’s a nice way to reward yourself
  • Get some flowers. The process of arranging gorg-smelling blooms is quite soothing
  • Light candles. My fave scent is vanilla (Mary Grace has a few divine fragrances)
  • Download the ‘Happy Minds’ mediation app – great for beginners and it works wonders
  • Pop into a comfortable robe, have a herbal tea and count your blessings

The above are things I do often at home. They were things I never used to do. I’d file them away under “don’t have time for that”, but making the time is really important.

Self-care is something parents often don’t do either. You feel it’s selfish, I get it. But as they say on flights, you gotta take care of yourself before you help others. And having ‘you time’ is what makes you a better parent. You’ll be less stressed, more relaxed, and more grateful. And a mind full of gratitude changes your entire outlook on the world.

Alright, enough banging on from me. Let’s give you all the details on the pamper pack you can win below from Mary Grace.

mary grace hand cream and candle on bed with coral linen sheets

Win one of two Pamper Packs from Mary Grace, worth $250

*Please note this comp is now closed. Winner was Carol Gillett.

The pack include all of the following goodies:

  • 1 x Satin Robe in Navy
  • 1 x Hand Wash of your choice
  • 1 x Hand Lotion of your choice
  • 1 x Diffuser of your choice
  • 2x Wanderlust Jar Candles in your choice of fragrance


Drop a comment below naming what you love about Mary Grace and why you need some self care.

Comp open to Aus residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm Weds August 29

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

Comments (52)

  • Fiona

    I really like that Mary Grace body lotions are made from natural ingredients – what we feed into our bodies shapes our soul! I have realised this year that I need to shift some time back to myself. Oops…it’s already August so I’d better get started! Sometimes we give so much that we forgot about ourselves.

    • Barbara Fehmel

      The beauty of the products would compliment my bathroom.

  • Janelle

    I love everything I just read about this company! I’m off to check out the website next. Self care is something that I have found difficult to make time for without feeling self indulgent although I have come to realise that it really should be top of the list. That saying ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’ is really starting to resonate with me and I have found that if I schedule time for some self care every day then I am much happier, more contented and in turn a better wife, mother and friend. It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant either. It can be something as simple as sitting outside in the winter sunshine with a cup of tea or taking the dog for a walk while you listen to a podcast. Thanks Chris for introducing me to Mary Grace.

  • Mairead Dunbar

    All round beautification of all the senses; touch, smell, feel….and a cup of green tea covers taste!

  • Rosemarie

    Mary grace, sheer elegance to help us in our race. Looking healthy and radiant can be a hassle, but a little self care goes a long way to help us stay looking and feeling great! Xx

  • Lauren

    Pampering in a tube is the heavenly convenient product I can take anywhere for feminine charm. Even when family glamping I can indulge with Mary Grace products.

  • Mandy Graham

    Mary Grace is quality and natural. I love that.
    I need a good pampering. 🙂

  • Nyree Thomas

    Love their packaging as makes it look so luxe and nice to show off in your house. Self care – what is that? I have no idea as I have never done it before as I am too busy as a single mum making sure the kids have everything they need and forget about the most important person in their life – ME! Would be lovely to relax lock the bathroom door and have a blissful hour to myself if I was lucky enough.

  • Chloe

    I love that Mary Grace provide quality luxurious products at affordable prices. I love all that their brand entails, especially that they put so much focus into mental health and body positivity, as a Mum to girls I know how important it is to put positive focus into those areas and to see brands focus on that is a huge tick in my books.
    I’d love some self care as a Mum and a very pregnant one at that it isn’t something that I do very often but I know i need to take a step back and fill my own cup.

  • Lindsay

    I love their ethos and their motto. 9 months looking after my beautiful baby boy has flown by and I’m starting to realise I need a bit of self care. Time to relax and switch off for a moment.

  • Katie McGregor

    I love that Mary has developed a whole lifestyle brand and that she’s set some big goals for herself.

    I’d love some self care as I’m about to have baby number two and have been overdoing it as I’ve just renovated my kitchen and feel like I have heaps to do before the baby arrives in four weeks

  • Narelle

    Love the nurturing feel of using Mary Grace. I nurture other people’s children for a living so I need to be replenished.

  • Jenny Watson

    I love their gorgeous sleepwear (trying to resist buying more PJs, but I just love them) and their Jar Candles (can never have enough candles!). So stressed trying to find an affordable house that is actually fit to live in. I’d love some pampering and indulgence.

  • Julie

    Mary Grace sounds like a brand I would love to try. A locally produced range that is affordable and of high quality is wonderful. The La Vie En Rose range would be perfect for my Pink Ribbon Brunch I host every October in honour of my mother

  • Robyn Catalano

    Natural ingredients…. That’s what draws me to Mary Grace,. So many times I’ve gone out and spent a ridiculous amount of money on “self care” only to be allergic to one of the ingredients.
    Me time is definitely needed.and often forgotten, then when we crumble in a pool of tears and self pity, the absolute best is to run a bath with some beautiful scented candles and soft music – then we can carry on with our hectic lives.

  • Gayle Vos

    The pure simpleness and elegance is what I love about Mary Grace.
    Self care is so important to health and well being.

  • Phillip

    Mary Grace is pure luxury priced for everyone
    My wife deserves some relaxation and fun
    With Work and family
    Then putting up with me
    Some self care would make her smile
    Mary Grace matches her lovely style

  • Melissa

    I really like the packaging of Mary Grace products! And after renovating our house while living with chronic illness, some pampering would be devine!

  • Deb Smith

    As we leave winter I am reminded of the need to recharge and return to good habits meditation, mindfulness and of adding self care products like Mary Grace to the regime as summer is often a busy, sometimes stressful time where the days seem to go on forever. Getting into good habits again now will mean a stress-free relaxed summer ahead.

  • Mel

    I love natural products. Natural products like Mary Grace can not only care for my skin but they feel so much better! This is a timely reminder that I need to schedule some me time to relax, breathe and feel content.

  • Jessie Chibber

    I love the elegance of their products and how delicious they all smell. Brings a sense of the day spa while at home. Love love love these products! And they’re all natural, even more of a bonus

  • phil holt

    i love natural quality of the products and it would be a great present for my wifes upcoming birthday

  • Kim Miller

    I love the quality, natural aspects and feminine touches that Mary Grace incorporates in all her products. After enduring Melbourne’s stressfully cold winter I could really do with some pampering.

  • C Thompson

    I just love everything there is about Mary Grace, they are the best products around. I would trust them to my friends and family. I would love the chance to try Mary Grace.

  • Julie Cole

    What a beautiful name. Mary Grace. The product range looks absolutely blissful That robe alone would make me believe my home is a five star resort.
    To have one company that produces all anyone requires for those important moments of self care is a fantastic concept and looks well on its way to reality.
    Any Australian business who endures through the flood (or drought) deserves our full support too.
    The encompassing message from Mary regarding the importance of mental health is one close to my heart and for a company to use their brand to encourage it is refreshing.
    I would love to light some candles and run a luxurious bath for my husband who is currently doing EVERYTHING due to my health and dealing with the knowledge his father is fighting brain cancer in the UK.
    The robe I desire just for me

  • Lynette Wicks

    I am trying to convert to all organic natural products, in Skin Care, Cosmetics, Sun Block and Home Manchester. I pleased that your products meet my future requirements,

  • Penelope White

    Self-care is more important to me now than ever before as (and please don’t think I need the sympathy vote) I’ve recently come out of a domestically abusive relationship. Ive had to re-learn to give myself the time to heal and look after myself as I’ve been told for so long that I just wasn’t worth it; I was a nothing or I was ugly. I still cannot even look at myself in a mirror. I love beautiful things, beautiful cosmetics and body products and candles are my only luxury for now but I’ll soon get back to being the old me. Mary Grace products sound amazing.

  • I love the Mary Grace philosophy of catering to all senses when it comes to self care. I am someone who likes to be involved in all aspects of things too, from website design and creation to working on expressing my own creativity in the hopes of connecting with others too. I was surprised recently on International Self Care day to realise how little I did to take care of my emotional wellbeing. I’m not well physically and I do everything I can to heal, buy every natural remedy, get every bit of advice, but I realised that though I often think about meditating or lighting a candle I hadn’t actually been doing it. I’ve started, since then, to remind myself to focus on it, and even today had to remember that it’s a necessity. On a personal note I also really admire the resilience they have shown to not only continue after the floods, but thrive too. Definitely a company I will be following, thanks for introducing us to them! xo

  • Rebecca Keck

    Taking a bath is such a rare luxury for me these days. As a busy Mum of twin girls and running a small business taking a bath is my go to self care activities when I’ve been burning the candle at both ends. These Mary Grace products would transform a regular bath into a heavenly experience. I can hear my bath calling already

  • Wendy

    Beautiful skincare that nourishes and soothes is very relaxing and is a great way to indulge yourself. Mary Grace products look amazing. As well as taking time out for pampering, these beautiful products could be carried in your handbag to enable you to replenish and refresh your skin and keep on feeling nurtured all day.

  • I love that it’s a combination of mine and my daughter’s middle names – Mary & Grace! Love love. Also, being a sole parent to my precious girl and my two big fur children, as well as starting up but two small businesses and hustling an extra side project {while still doing my corporate job}, ‘me time’ isn’t something I’m as good at as I should be! I felt like I was living virtually through you reading this article Chris – that’s my me time for today! x

  • Vicki McKenzie

    I like the Mary Grace concept of holistic pampering that recognizes that looking after yourself and others is a physical delight to the senses that calms and nourishes the emotions. Too many skincare brands spring only from desire for profit. Without the substance behind the brand, there is no real connection, just a product.

  • Sue virk

    Love quality of products and s of care is important as if you yourself is aware of care then only you can support people around you and can provide care.

  • Sue Kernaghan

    I work very long shifts and am exhausted at the end of my shift , it’s very easy to forget to look after yourself when you are so busy , I love baths to relax with candles , my favourite it’s very hard to find a good hand cream so when one comes along you treasure it

  • Michelle Del Beato

    Self-care? Thank you for a timely reminder. The Mary Grace look absolutely beautiful and I love the vision Mary has for the future of the business. Love passionate people.

  • Amy

    I love everything about Mary Grace and what they believe in! I have a young energetic child who I look after full time so I am in need of a bit of me time to relax and find piece with using Mary Grace products. Good luck to everyone, a lovely prize to win X

  • Heidi O'Day

    I love that Mary Grace battled on after a flood disaster and have grown into a caring natural company that really cares about their customer’s wellbeing and the products they make. I care for hubby with a brain injury and have mental health issues myself. I always seem to forget to care for myself and then wonder why I’m so anxious and blue. A Mary Grace pamper could give me spring in my step.

  • Courtney

    Mary Grace is beautiful in it’s simplicity.
    Everyone needs to spoil themselves once is a while, I’m one of them.

  • Kerry

    Oh how I need some pampering and Mary Grace is just the answer for me

  • Carly

    Stunning packaging & natural ingredients pique my interest! As a mum of 3 under 5, self care is long forgotten. If I’m lucky, I paint my nails once every couple of months (which is not a good look when I live in thongs!). Winning this would give me the incentive to set time aside for me to enjoy my beautifully renovated bathroom.

  • Kieren Miller

    Mary Grace reminds a mother of both her divinity and fragility, be the embodiment of self love encompassing others in the glow of your health and happiness x

  • Danni Saunders

    I love the class of Mary Grace and after giving birth by cesarean section 48 hours ago I could really do with a pamper pack to take home from the hospital and indulging in with my new baby.

  • Sam

    A lady who is taking great strides in the business world, with a beautiful ethos and product. Go girl. Let us ‘spray together!’

  • Sarah Walsh

    I love that these beautiful elegant products are Australian!!

  • Peggy

    I would love some pampering with these great natural products because I need need to stop and breath and declare to myself that I am worth it,

  • Suzanne

    I love that Mary Grace has re-invented their name Their packaging looks lovely a simple yet lux at the same time. I need more self care in my life as when I do I feel great about myself

  • Kathryn

    Busy (Ha!) single mum here. I know I am due for a nervous breakdown when this week is over. Having just started a second job, and having to move house, my father died suddenly. To say I’m stressed out is a major understatement. I am soooo desperately in need of some self care. Mary Graces philosophy sounds like my nirvana. Please hook me up Chris!!!

  • Mary Grace reminds me that it is important to take care of myself so I can take care of others and I love the that her products are all natural.

  • Cassie

    I love that Mary Grace is so chic and beautiful but completely affordable! What better way to take some “me time” than to indulge in beautiful fragrances and materials. Can’t wait to try

  • Mary Grace………what a fabulous philosophy towards life and business! What a hard road they have traveled but no doubt clearly the stronger for it! Wonderful products and totally love the robe! Why me??? Cos I am exactly like Chris, no time for me always running for others! But presently in the middle of a “rather large renovation”! Its yet another weekend with more tradesmen!! I think I really could do with ME TIME and a fabulous glass (or 2) of Champs!!

  • Soo cool! :))

  • Carol

    I love that Mary Grace products are natural, cruelty free, affordable and that Mary is very passionate about her collection and encourages self care which we all tend to neglect. Having had a broken leg and a knee replacement and not accepting the mental anguish that goes with it makes me now realise that I do need to practice some self care and to be a bit easier on myself! How thoughtful of you Chris and Mary Grace for offering this lovely gift.


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