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Rachel Kennedy Art - Super Lover Art Print

I finally own a Piece of this Coveted Art (and you can win some too!)

I wish I were super creative. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being down on myself; I can write, I get my craft and DIY on sometimes, and I can certainly style a room. But then there’s the sort of super creativity that people like Rachel Kennedy have that just makes you think… woah, this gal is truly something.

Rachel Kennedy Designs - Love Like Oceans Print

It’s this ‘truly something’ that Rachel possesses (an X Factor of sorts) that led her and partner Jarrod to start their art biz back in 2012. A few years later, the designs are springing up everywhere and with very good reason; they’re utterly amazing.

I was lucky enough to secure the Super Love print from this dynamic duo (see it below), and in today’s post I’m giving you the chance to win one of your own artworks. Read on to hear more about the talented Rachel Kennedy and enter to win a piece of her work.

Rachel Kenndy Designs - Super Love Print Rachel Kennedy Designs - Just Another Dreamer Print

Rachel spent many years working as a graphic designer, but got to a point in her career where she had her own ideas and was keen to explore them outside of her 9 to 5. Thankfully, around the same time, husband Jarrod had a change in career too.

“[He] took an interest in the business side of what I was doing,” Rachel tells me. “We worked well together and saw the opportunity to raise our family and our business hand in hand”.

Rachel Kennedy from Rachel Kennedy DesignsWith two children to look after, the business affords them freedom both literally and creatively. There’s more flexibility, and it’s allowed them to take the business from greeting cards (which is where they started), to artworks and a soon-to-land new range, which Rachel tells me will be more simplistic and textural.

“Very different to anything we have done before,” she adds.

I often wonder where artists draw inspiration from. Many of them say it comes from everyday life and Rachel’s situation is no different. I’ve come to learn over the years – meeting creative types – that you either have an artistic mind or you don’t, and as you can see from the stunning work in this post… Rachel has it.

In terms of how the colourful prints come together, Rachel explains that it starts out with a concept or theme.

“The process varies from design to design but often involves painting a base layer, with acrylic or water colour paints,” she says. “From there we create a digital copy and add any text or additional layers. We then have our pieces printed locally, with environmentally friendly inks and paper stocks”.

Rachel Kennedy Designs - Happily Ever After Print

All of the materials for the prints are sourced locally, crafted here and made to the highest possible environmental standards. Almost all of their products made from 100% recycled paper and printed with non-harmful vegetable & soy based inks.

“I’ve been really blessed to grow up surrounded by beautiful beaches and natural spaces and it’s become a valuable part of our lives. It’s made it important for us to know that the products we use are the most respectful and responsible possible”.

I love the story behind this local brand just as much as I adore the prints. If you’re feeling the same warm and fuzzies that I am over Rachel’s work, hit the competition below and go in the draw to win a piece! Your walls will thank you.


To go in the draw to win a print of your choice:

– Click here to see the Rachel Kennedy Designs range
– Drop a comment below naming your fave piece and why

Comp open to Aus residents only. Comp closes 11.59pm, Wednesday June 17

Outside of writing the TLC Interiors blog, Chris is an interior stylist and author. You can also catch him on your TV screens as a designer on Channel 10's Changing Rooms. If you'd like to book a design consult with Chris, you can find out more here

Comments (46)

  • Rebecca

    Definitely the “Love Is” cross – I have been eyeing this piece off for months! It’s classic with a twist – amazing!

  • Cassie

    How do I choose a favourite? They are all gorgeous but the “together forever” keeps jumping out at me. My little family is so close and we will be together forever no matter where we are in life and the world

  • Anna

    The “Love is” piece is just beautiful and would go in any room in the house. Such a simple yet intricate piece.

  • Kym Claney

    “Super Love” is my favourite….this beautifully coloured art work has a calmness about it with such meaningful words….ideal for my bedroom

  • Kyung

    The adventure – I’ve traveled the world but I knew my real adventure started when I met my first child, Hana 4 years ago.

  • Sonia

    I seemed to keep going back to ‘Together Forever’ – I like the fact that it can mean a couple being together forever or a family – a different meaning for everyone.

  • alanna jane

    The happily ever after my hubby and I have been together 32 years so I think this would be a perfect piece of art to give our son now he has moved to his new home with his partner so they have a happily ever after half as good as ours

  • Emma

    Love like oceans…AMAZING!

  • Suzanne Eagles

    Bravery and boldness are a work of art I’m currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer seeing this everyday is motivation to stay strong and be bold

  • Sharyn W

    really hard to choose one, but the one i will pick is together forever as i love the colours and whether my family is physically together or not we will always be together forever 🙂

  • raquel

    “The adventure” would really love this after having two beautiful children it would be a new adventure in my life ☺

  • Brittany Purnell

    I just can’t go past the “love is” it is bold, artistic and meaningful. The cross says so much without actually saying anything.

  • I currently have “every love story” & “blue Love”, everyone that comes to my home comments on them. I think “Togethor Forever” will be my next piece on my wish list!!! Rachel is definitely a talented artist to admire!!

  • I’ve been admiring the “Super Love” framed print at my local boutique paper shop for a couple of months now. I love it because it reminds me that I am worthy of Super Love and to continue giving out Super Love to all I meet.

  • Elly Carr

    The moment I received the Rachel Kennedy “together forever” art print my heart melted and my whole house colour scheme was transformed to match that unbelievable piece. I am now longing to be the owner of the “super love” art print. Both statements are the way I see my partner and I’s relationship. It would be the perfect accompaniment to sit right next to my lonely “together forever” piece above our bed to make our bedroom wall complete. What an unbelievably talented woman you are Rachel Kennedy. ❤️

  • So hard to choose as they are all amazing. I would have to go with Super Love as it will perfectly match my new living room colours. Love Like Oceans come a very close second though. So beautiful.

  • Natasha Andrews

    I just adore these Chris!! Creating art works with text can be really tricky to get right but these are done very well. My husband is a sailor and we live by the sea so my pick is the Love Like Oceans set – these works really resonated with me and in my mind the only art worth having in my home something that really touches me.

  • Tenille

    Oh, they are all so lovely! Really. I think “Love like Oceans” in gorgeous, just gorgeous. The colour palette is beautiful. But, it is “Happily Ever After” that spoke most to me. I have completely changed my life in the past 2 years. I have to strip everything from my life and focus on healing and learning to love myself so that I could feel whole and worthy. In a few weeks I will be 2 years without a single drink, a cigarette, without anything to hide or dilute my feelings. I have spent every moment of the past two years creating my own happily ever after. With or without a beautiful print as a momento, I am a winner. But the opportunity to win one if these gorge prints is so generous. Thank-you!

  • jo

    i love rachels work. Fave is ‘blue love’ as it reminds me of my little girl who has recently moved onto blue as her favorite color. We want to do up her room and our first piece for our mood board is a little card with ‘blue love’ on it

  • derek

    I’m loving it’s always ourselves we find at sea. Just the color and texture of the design has me memorized with it. I could look at it for hours on end and not get bored with it.

  • Minya

    “It’s always our self we find at sea”.

    Such a simple but stunning piece that truly reflects its meaning through the text and artwork and really holds a place in my heart! It’s absolutely beautiful. The darker moodier blues to reflect on darker times mixed in with the lighter blues which hold hope! X

  • Kate

    ‘Blue Love’ have been seeing this around for awhile and think it’s the perfect print to represent the two little blue loves in my life …

  • Summer

    Super love. Because I promised myself many years ago I’d settle for nothing less… Super love of my work, my city, my friends, my family and of course… The one. I live in pursuit of super love, and I find it in some part of everyday. A beautiful piece of art for a beautiful life I’m creating.

  • Tarryn

    I have been after a print with emerald green in it for so long, I would be thrilled to win the Love like oceans #2 print. How perfect! Thanks for the opportunity, love your blog & IG feed x

  • Anna Mikulic

    Love is – Cross this is so me as i am really a great collector of anything crosses. Thanksyou

  • Sheila Ashmore

    I am 60years old and moving into my own Apartment. (at long last) I love your Art and feel “Super Love” describes my life, I want something to define the space and say what I feel. Your Art will do the trick nicely.

  • Sophie McGrath

    “Together Forever”. This print reminds me of young love – innocent, sweet and all about bold declarations.

  • Kylie Foord

    “Love like oceans #1”

    For me love is freedom and the ocean screams freedom. Beautiful Composition xx

  • they are all so amazing! I love this one the blue colours are beautiful!

  • Jen

    Love like ocean #1 & 2- I daydream when I look at these pieces. Definition of relaxing

  • Adele Smith

    EVERY LOVE STORY. This colours and the printed words combine perfectly and instantly made me tear up with emotion…I love it when art can do that.

  • Nicole

    Love like ocean my fab colours stunning

  • Mell Williams

    Wow incredible, my favorite is “it’s always our self we find at see” I love the feeling when I look at this. I’m a believe that you need to know and love yourself before you can expect anyone else to and this sums that up for me perfectly I would love this piece in my house to remind me of that daily.

  • Rishelle

    Gosh they are all so beautiful! Super Love stood out for me the as I want to teach my little ones to give and to seek the best in life – I think super love perfectly sums that up!

  • Jackie

    I am in the process of giving my bedroom a makeover and none of my artwork goes with my new black bed. Rachel Kennedy’s black ink prink would be perfect monochrome touch.

  • Kim

    “Super love” is my favourite. It is the kind of love you experience when you find your soul mate and have your first child!

  • Vivien

    Happyily ever after – love the bold colours and is a reminder that no matter how many hardships you go through it will be alright in the end.

  • Christina

    It’s always ourselves we find at sea is my fave xx after a few years of self discovery and owning who I am and what I’m capable of it would serve as a lovely reminder xx mwah!!

  • Lauren

    I simply love Purple Rain! I’ve just recently redecorated my bedroom with purples, greys and blues – the only thing I haven’t yet found is artwork. Purple Rain would complement the room beautifully and be the finishing touch!

  • Nicole Mayhew

    Rachel Kennedys works of art are so beautiful I am obsessed with her “Love like oceans #1” art work. The blues are incredible and the piece is so inspiring and peaceful!

  • Melinda

    Live like oceans speaks to me about my very own love story- from still and deep, to all encompassing and overwhelming, turbulent, vast, full, clear surface with true beauty underneath, both risks and rewards. Xx

  • Mel Campbell

    So hard to choose – but I am always drawn back to love like oceans #1 – I live in Manly and love the beach lifestyle and feel this piece would look great in my new place

  • Craig Murphy

    Every love story is definitely my favourite. My gorgeous girlfriend and I just celebrated our one year anniversary – she gave me the card version of this print and I would love to be able to surprise her with the actual print 🙂

  • mel

    “Love Like Oceans #2” (& #1) would be my pick. My little boy has the most beautiful blue/green eyes and the colours in this piece remind me of his sweet, glassy stare. It would be so lovely to have this piece in my home

  • Charmaine Campbell

    Although I love the “happily ever after”, my husband has stage 4 cancer so I don’t feel I could hang it in my home. However I can totally imagine hanging the “Love like oceans” in my lounge when it gets painted very soon!

  • Deborah

    ‘Love Is’ is my favourite! It is bold, It is amazing! It reminds me of the love i have for my children, strong, unyeilding and faithful. I would love this in my lounge room to serve as a constant reminder of the power of my love.


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