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Rachel Kennedy Designs Greeting Card

How to Make the Gifts you Give at least 75% Better

I’ve always said that the wrapping paper and card is more important than the gift itself.

The reason for this, of course, is that the way a gift is presented can mean the difference between creating a true moment (filled with oohs and aahs and suspense), or just having it be fleeting second where packaging is ripped open and tossed aside as the recipient races to get to the supposed good stuff.

Rachel Kennedy Designs Wrapping Paper Collection

Rachel Kennedy Designs - Wrapping Paper Designs

The added bonus; if you’re on a tight budget and the gift you’ve given is a relatively cheap one, presenting it in gorgeous paper elevates the looks of the contents by at least 75% (this claim is supported by zero documented proof, but it’s totally worked in my experience).

I’m a bit beside myself to learn of news that designer Rachel Kennedy – whose art I’ve featured on the blog before – has added gorgeous wrapping paper, gift cards and tags to her body of work. The collection of goodies is bright, bold and just as beautiful as her abstract artworks, and it’s just hit her online store and selected retailers across the country.

“At the moment, there’s a lot of appreciation and buzz around beautiful packaging,” Rachel tells me, “so why not give a gift that’s wrapped in a gorgeous piece of art?”.

I couldn’t agree more! You’ll also be delighted to know that this new collection features eight digitally designed prints, 24 greeting card options and 18 swing tag designs. It’s safe to say that your gift giving woes will be a thing of the past with this colourful range on your side!

Rachel Kennedy Designs Greeting Card Rachel Kennedy Designs Greeting Card Designs

Rachel explains that she designed the gift wrap in a way that allows you to customise it with your own embellishments and accessories.

“While all of the designs are quite striking and the colours vibrant, there’s a lot of room for individual creativity when packaging all of these up,” she says. “To make a gift truly special, I tend to use anything I can get my hands on, but my favourites are twine, fabric, rope, hessian and cotton”.

I am loving these designs and would adore nothing more than storing buckets of them in a gift wrapping room (no, really, I want a gift wrapping room. Candy Spelling used to have one. I can have one too).

Click here to see more and snap up some of these designs.

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  • Carly Tomlinson


    I would love a gift wrapping room too! I have a ribbon drawer like Monica from ‘Friends’ but quite frankly it just doesn’t cut the mustard come Christmas time. I need a full on gift wrapping suite during the silly season!

    8 July, 2015

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