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Copper Mason Jars from Rainy Sunday on TLC Interiors

The New Rainy Sunday Collection is an Absolute Show-Stopper

[tps_header]You really can’t beat a homewares piece with a sense of handmade craftiness to it. I always find that these objects are the ones that (if you’ll excuse the cliche) make a house a home. They’re those finishing touches that bring heart and soul to a room, and it’s my firm belief that every interior needs some.

You may already know the brand I’m introducing you to today. You’ll probably recognise some of their product range at the very least. What you probably won’t have seen, though, is their brand new collection.

So let me tell you a little more about this busy local biz and show you their stunning new and existing wares!

rainy sunday flower frame with mesh copper lid the life creative

Rainy Sunday: Mason Jars, Markets and Beyond

Rainy Sunday’s creator, Frith Hucks, hadn’t realised it until we started this interview, but her brand has just turned three. The business came about when a friend asked Frith to help her with decorations for her wedding, and Frith got to work hand-painting the lids for the brands now-famous glass jars and vases.

“People liked how colourful they were and money wasn’t growing on trees at the time, so I started selling them at markets,” Frith explains. “I hand painted thousands of daisy lids. So many, that I started to get loopy from the paint fumes. It was our first product and set the course for the contemporary craft-inspired homewares that we now create”.

A one-woman show for the most part (Frith tells me that she has a small team of helpers who lend a hand from time to time) Rainy Sunday is based in Elizabeth Bay in Sydney. Working from home myself, I understand all to well that this can be a massive help and a sometimes hindrance – and it’s much the same for Frith.

“It’s always there… and it’s ALWAYS there,” she tells me. [/tps_header]

rainy sunday copper jason jar vase the life creative


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