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Copper Mason Jars from Rainy Sunday on The Life Creative

The New Rainy Sunday Collection is an Absolute Show-Stopper


Rainy Sunday: Existing Best Bits

The Flower Frames are possibly the most genius product in the Rainy Sunday range, giving those of you who aren’t expert in flower arranging a little helping hand. The grid formation on the top of the vase gives flower stems a dedicated home, making the entire flower styling process so much simpler.

“They just make arranging flowers so easy, with the specially designed grid lid – and you don’t even need lots of flowers,” Frith explains. “A sprig from the garden or park will do the trick. I have hours of fun making new and colourful flower creations. Flower wrangling has become a bit of an addiction”.

The Decor Wings range is also worth pointing out as a bit of a stunner, and Frith tells me that it’s definitely her favourite product. Inspired by shoe designer Sophia Webster’s winged high heels, Frith has created flower boxes, wooden trays and divine copper and brass wings you can display on your walls (more of which you can see in the slideshow above).

Rainy Sunday Home Base with teal and yellow on the life creative

The New Range from Rainy Sunday

For spring, Frith has a completely new product landing, the HOME Vase.

It incorporates simple and unique design, to turn even the most creatively challenged person in to a professional flower wrangler.

“The curved steel frame frame features holes that are perfectly placed to hold flower stems,” Frith points out. “I think what makes the HOME Vase special is its simplicity. It will turn any any jar into a piece of floral magic”.

The HOME Vase is landing soon, but the good news is that you can pre-order them at and save $10. Don’t mind if I do!

Rainy Sunday in the Media

As I said at the top of this post, you’ve probably seen some of Rainy Sunday’s awesome product range before, but you might not be sure of exactly where it popped up.

Frith’s homewares have features on The Block a number of times, and Frith tells me that the team behind the show are very supporting of her work.

You may have also seen them on another of your fave shows.

“I think the funniest moment was when our drinking jars appeared in Offspring at Jimmy’s Taco-ria,” Frith tells me. “There’s Nina drinking a cocktail in one of our drinking jars – it was very funny”.

If you’d like to keep up-to-date on the colourful adventures of Frith and Rainy Sunday, click here to follow along on Instagram (it’s a visual treat for the senses). 

Have you got any products from Rainy Sunday? I’d love to know what your favourite piece is. [/tps_footer]

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