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Release Your Inner Vamp with this Retro Furniture

Vamp Retro Furniture - Oz Design - The Life Creative

Turns out I was on the money when I predicted that orange and grey were the undeniable colour couple for Autumn. Get a load of how good they’re working together in this room! Enough of that, though; this post is all about the glorious retro furniture pieces that are capturing my attention in this pic.

I can’t get enough of the sleek design in this Vamp range from Oz Design. It’s always tricky trying to explain to people the exact kind of mid-brown wood that appeals to me the most, but this picture illustrates it perfectly.

The rosewood finish with white pops here and there is a genius move that feels simply yet punchy. This Danish vibe is me all over; it reminds me of my vintage sideboard at home but with a more modern twist. And that dining table… good Lord… I need that dining table.

Shop the Look

The Vamp Dining, Buffet, Console & Occasional Table are available now at Oz Design. Hit their website for more info or visit your nearest store. If someone can please purchase one of these pieces for me it would be very much appreciated!

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