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6 Reasons you need a House Call from Resident GP

If your home needs a lift and tuck, it’s time you got a house call from the team at Resident GP. I spoke to these local Creatives about what makes their online store so special and why their homewares can cure any styling ailment. I also discovered that a trip to the doctor can be anything but scary!

Cremorne couple Gabi Sidhu and Pawel Gaca, the team behind Resident GP, moved from Perth to Melbourne seven months ago – with only four suitcases in hand – and launched Resident GP in March (how’s that for brand new?).

Resident GP Resident GP on The LIfe Creative

Though the photos in this post are enough to make your heart skip a beat, let me tell you what makes Resident GP so special:

They’ve trawled the globe for unique homewares.

We have spent months scouring the globe for unique goods. We wanted beautiful homewares that weren’t in every second store,” the couple tell me. “And pieces that would become hand-me-downs for generations to come”. 

They seek out the work of independent artists.

Having made friends with many of the talented creatives they showcase on their website, Gabi and Pawel stock pieces from artists in Slovakia, Mexico, the UK and Australia – to name a few! 

We feel people need to see their work. We have made friends with many of them now and it is so fun to see the production process as it happens”. 

Their background in the industry is what makes Resident GP so glorious!

“We both have such a love for interior design and architecture; it only seemed natural to head into that side of things,” Pawel explains. “And with Gabi having worked in the homewares industry for a while, we felt we had the experience”.

Resident GP - TLC blog Resident GP - The LIfe Creative

Partners in love and life, this only adds to the magic of the site.

We love it! (No, seriously),” Gabi says. “I think it’s better having the two different personalities because it allows a broader spectrum of thinking and understanding”.

They have pieces from the store in their own home.

“It is SO difficult to not take every item in our store and keep it for ourselves,” the couple admit. And I don’t blame them. While they tell me that their ceramics, prints and pendant lights are the categories that are currently most successful, there’s not one piece from this store I wouldn’t want to nab for my own abode.

The name of the store is genius. 

“A bit cheesy but we like it,” they laugh. “The G and P part comes from our names – Gabi and Pawel – and we thought we could do a play on words with Resident GP. We see ourselves as your design doctors – here for all your styling ailments”.

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Gabi and Pawel from Resident GP

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