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UE Boom Speaker

Road Testing the UE Boom (a Portable Speaker and Summer Essential)

UE Boom - Portable Speaker with Bluetooth and Water Resistant

Truth be told, I’m no techy; I usually leave that stuff to my other half, who’s often excited by gadgets and associated accessories. But when I got my hands on the UE Boom, even I was smitten with this summer essential. A water-resistant speaker that’s pretty and portable, it features 360 degree sound and works off your phone’s bluetooth. I took it on a picnic recently to give it a full workout with some incredible results!

For someone not exactly up with technology, I was most interested in the sound and whether it was going to be tinny. Thankfully, not a tin sound in sight. We had a bit of a party in the park and tested out the volume too; that was also pretty amazing. I’m told the plasma coating is what makes it water resistant, which means I can take it over my parents’ place and sit it poolside while downing a few cocktails (bring it on!).

It most certainly passed both my ‘does it look good?’ test and my partner’s ‘is the technology good?’ test, which is a win-win for this house! We’ve already turfed our plug-in iPod dock (so 2009) and now use this speaker indoors and out; it’s a good companion to pump while you’re making dinner!

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  • quidgy


    This thing is speaker is pretty amazing. I’ve heard it live and the sound is really surprisingly clear. Plus it looks cool, which is a nice bonus.

    7 November, 2013

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