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Rococo Furniture -Armchairs

Rococo Revival: Breathing New Life into Old Design!

Fun fact: Rococo design first came about in 17th Century France. Known for their elegance, fine detail and decorative accents, the pieces of furniture to come out of this era are popping up again in interiors – but with a welcome, modern twist. Let’s take a look at how you can breathe new life into these classic design pieces, shall we?

Vintage Rococo Furniture - Yellow Drawers Rococo Furniture - Design Bedhead

Photo Credits: Yellow Drawers from Not on the High Street, Black Bedhead from Homes Direct 365, Chair Below from Pinterest and Mirror Frame from Etsy.

Rococo Furniture Armchair - Modern Refurbished Rococo Furniture - Mirror Frame

How to tell if it’s Rococo.
If you’re shopping for the real deal, an antique dealer will be able to guide you on whether it’s genuine. If you’re at a salvage store or hunting out modern Rococo-influenced pieces in furniture stores, look for features like: ‘S’ and ‘C’ scrolls, shell decorations, flower motifs, cabriole and scroll feet in chairs and elaborate marquetry.

How to Bring it into the Now.
If you’ve scored an old piece from a second-hand store (I did over a mirror frame in this style recently), spray paint that’s a paint and primer in one (like Rust-Oleum) is your friend here. If your piece is a chair with fabric tacked down, I wouldn’t recommend ripping it up and doing it yourself. This is something best left to the professionals!

Where to Score Modern Rococo.
I see furniture stores doing Rococo-influenced design all the time (sometimes called Baroque). Domayne comes to mind right away, as does Shack and Maison Living. These are a great option if you want the look but don’t want to get your DIY on!

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